Least comboey SSFIV characters


Hello shoryukenites.

This may sound like an odd question but which characters in Super Street Fighter IV are the least combo intensive/reliant.

In other fighting games I’ve tended to play a more pokey big hit game rather than chaining moves together, its not big and flashy but it seemed to get the job done.
Are there any characters in SSFIV that can support this type of play or am I going to have to knuckle down and get used to executing combos.




Dhalsim has one combo (with some variations), and his whole game revolves around poking the opponent. Honda needs to be able to do jab xx hp hands, which can be tough if you aren’t used to pianoing buttons.


id say hakan


Hankan, since he dosn’t even have a combo


Honada is not what you’re looking for.

T Hawk doesn’t have much for combos. Gief has some combos but, unless you’re top level you can get away without them. Hakan doesn’t have a lot of combos but he requires combo skill and combo timing to pull off what he can do.


you’re gonna have to knuckle it down and learn the b&bs.


Guy has quite a lot of combos, but his main two are chains and not links, which makes them far easier to do consistently. It’s easy to link into them too.


If you can do J HP > b Mk X Jab Yoga Fire XX Super then you basically know the extent of Dhalsim’s combos.

You should probably do all of the trials in the challenge mode. Find which character’s trials you can do the easiest.


Dhalsim, just about any grappler (T. Hawk, Hakan, Zangief, NOT ABEL), and this is an unfortunate time to say this given last night’s events, but Adon has like 2 combos.

Zangief has combos but he can get away without them.


Hakan, Vega (he doesn’t have too many combos), El Fuerte (who really only has one, but it is a bit of a doozy), and the others mentioned above.

That is a dirty lie. He doesn’t have many you’re likely to use, true, but he does have three moves that link into oil slide, and they’re good to know, as they’re really useful. Easy to execute, too.


Fei Long is also a poke-heavy character. You’ll mostly be hit confirming rekkas with him. His strongest punish is st. hp xx ex flame kick so thats not very hard to do.


Dhalsim and Hawk would probably be the least. Comboing with Hawk basically ends at hitconfirming into tomahawk buster.


t hawk prolly has the least combos in the game.

his only hard combo might be c.lp, c.lp, standing mp/standing mk


not to burst your bubble or anything, but you should still learn how to do some combos too. even if you play a char who doesn’t have ANY combos period, it’s always good to know how to do them. might not sound like it makes sense but trust me, it’s important. get around to it sometime




exactly this. even if you’re playing a grappler or whatever, combos are real need to be very good w/ them. a gief that can combo and a gief that can’t combo is very, very different.


Dhalsim is the least comboey character but he certainly isn’t what you are looking for because you still need to do b.mk to yoga flame




Thanks for the input

I’ll have a crack with the grapplers and see how things go, from what I’ve played so far I can do basic combos, normal into special that kind of stuff but anything of any length and anything involving links are beyond me at this point.