Least Favorite Characters


As the title says, who is your least favorite character(s) in MvC3?

My least favorite character in this game is Ryu. I think he is so freakin’ boring and he sounds really gay when he says “Metsu Hadoken” in his English voice.


Felicia, Morrigan, Hsien-Ko… X-23. Meh, I just don’t like them.


… Ryu doesn’t say Metsu Hadoken in this game.


Useful topic on SRK.

Tell people who YOU don’t like, gen is here btw, and waste topic space. Not only that, but I seriously thought that I was at GameFaqs when I opened this topic. I thought that they had changed the layout or something. I am not trying to belittle you, but god damn do these topics piss me off.

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She-Hulk and Hsien-Ko are probably my two most hated Marvel characters. I wouldn’t mind She-Hulk so much if she wasn’t next to Hulk on the character select screen, too much green in one spot, kind of annoys me a little. Also Hsien-Ko, sorry to say it but I think she’s the biggest wasted slot the game has to offer. Vampire Saviour has so many better characters to fit, like Phobos, Lord Raptor or Jedah (teen rated blah blah), I just don’t like how she’s been implemented at all… As for Capcom probably Viewtiful Joe, he just seems to be lacking something…


Uh…bro, I think you got the wrong game.


The only characters I dislike are Zero and Wesker. So fucking annoying to play against.


Hsien-Ko is Capcom

My least favorite character is that 850 second hit confirm pretty boy Dante.


Zero, as I hate the entire Mega-Man series, I feel I grew out of it. The next would be Tronne, I can’t stand that noise she makes in the air " UHUHUHUHUHUHUUUH ".


Amataratsu, Dormamu, modok, taskmaster, and she hulk. Goofy characters that took up space that couldve been used better.


To make this run better, people should list who they think should’ve replaced the characters they hate.


It’s annoying as hell fighting Ammy. It’s so hard landing a hit on her and I have a difficult time differentiating her high and low’s (for Ammy players that don’t just Mash f.H all the time).


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