Least Favorite Stage

What’s your least favorite stage setting? You know, the one that just absolutely GRATES on your nerves.

Maybe it’s Fei’s homo-lookin’ sea foliage. Or Gief’s Double-Dragon rip-off/pseudo-Russian ghetto. Or how about Honda’s bathroom (wtf?!?).

Personally, I friggin’ ABHOR Dhalsim’s stage. Those damn elephants are so frickin’ annoying. Always with the loud ass trumpet sound at the end of every stupid round. I’d seriously be thrilled if I could just delete the damn stage from the game.

So what’s yours?

Sagat’s stage. The music in that place is just so damn boring

Likewise with Vega’s stage. In just about every other SF2 iteration, the music in Spain was so upbeat and fast-paced. Just like Vega’s fighting style. But now it’s so soft and slow. Sounds more like Vega on his death-bed than Vega fighting…

vega’s stage

and vega in general

Dhalsim’s stage, and it’s entirely because of the remixed music.

Sims stage.

Dhalsims Stage is bay far the worst!!! Those elephants need more frames of animation cause they drive me crazy :annoy:

They devs/UDON/whatever kind of went pretty light on background animations. My guess was to conserve space.

I think I actually hate Ken’s stage just because they use his theme for the menu music.

It’s like when you’ve been trying forever to connect to get a game in…


…ba na nuh-na nana dun dun

That’s why I set the music to “Classical”.

Non-music wise, Ken’s stage also has that new background character with his arms crossed but he’s still moving. He wants to cheer like everyone else, so he does it secretly.
I’ve never been a huge fan of Chun’s stage either, despite the fact you’re actually fighting in a street.

Balrog’s Stage, I always get lost on that stage.

None. I beast no matter what stage I’m on.


Fei Long’s stage. It’s just a mess of colour. Think they could have made it a bit more exciting. Probably my least favourite music too.

Cammy’s stage is best.

I’ll give this a +2

Dhalsim’s stage because he’s Indian

Whether I like a stage or not depends on the music and the new soundtrack in my opinion sucks. I liked the classic Sagat stage music the most, but the new one just sounds like a midi version of it.

Dhalsim’s stage, because of the damn elephants.

Ryus stage,got sick of looking at it on the Beta.
The music in general is terrible,at least the classic music is there too.

ryu and sagats stage cuz theres not enough boobies.

but seriously, it’ll have to be sagats stage

the animation of the yellow guy in vegas is horrific. Really ruins it.


Music is annoying, and I can barely see shit with all the bright yellow of Las Vegas lights.