Least popular character?


Who is the overall least popular character? I mean the person who is selected the least, not characters that people are sick of like Shotos. I haven’t seen a Necro or Twelve or Sean in a long time.

On these boards, only Twelve’s board has no threads! Even Gill has a thread and he’s not playable. Where’s the love, people? Twelve has a move called H.U.G. for crying out loud! Who can match that?


Out of all Third Strike matches I’ve ever seen, I never see any Sean. I even see Twelve and Necro often. It’s just that I never saw any Sean players. So I guess Sean is least popular character.


i got to say im seeing less and less chuns around the place, coz her poking has become easy to parry now, and all could just be me


You’ve seen my sean!!! Oh wait, I don’t… play… Sean…

And you don’t see Chun’s in casual play cause she’s boring as hell to play as. But go to a tourney and I garauntee she’ll be there, because she wins.


I omitted yours because of that match with your Sean and SlimX’s C&DB’ing whore Q.



I hardly ever see any Hugo players around now. As of lately, Ibuki, Ken, and Urien have been with the most playtime, but Hugo…Haven’t seen anyone play him in almost three months for that matter…He’s so large, yet he can dish out so much damage, especially to Ibuki and Remy (To add, Remy’s also getting more people and playtime.)