Leather case for Amazon Kindle 3 unboxing

So, Amazon UK have fucked up the launch. I got my cover, but no Kindle. Just in case you were going to buy a cover, make sure it’s the right colour. Also, make sure to compare it to a videogame, too.


Yay, unboxing a frickin’ CASE. Do you have the vid for unboxing the Kindle itself? That would be actually interesting. Ah, the good old “YOO kai”…where accessories are considered more awesome and vid-worthy than the electronic devices they are intended for.

If you watch the video, you’ll find out that there are problems getting Kindle 3Gs in the UK. Mine has been on order since August 1st with still no despatch date.

Also, this basic case costs £30 - that’s a little over $45. On the Amazon.co.uk site, customers are asking what the quality of the covers is like, as well as how good the colours look.