Leaving a Ranked Match

Hi I’d just like to ask what happens if you leave a ranked match? Because it’s really frustrating when I’m about to beat someone and they leave, meaning that I don’t get any points.

those who quit before match ends lose points, both PP and BP, more than 100. Though if you want to reset your points, thats the easiest method.
but you get none if your opponent quit the match. you may also pull out the modem cable or turn off wireless connection so as not to lose points.

I remember sometimes game would remove from me points automatically even though I finished game without quitting, this has been fixed now for the most part.

Do you know how this is handled by Marvel? I ask because when I play Marvel on the Vita, the powerbutton is far, FAR too tempting to some people. For example: I ran into someone running a Pheonix Wright/Arthur/Frank West team. 91 wins, 0 losses.

The moment I got him in a combo I could see why he has 0 losses, instant disconnect.