LeBron James: Where is he going!?

Well, this is the biggest sports news of the yeart as to where LeBron will be playing basketball next season.

The six teams that showed the most interest since the unrestricted free agency started were the Clippers, the Bulls, the Cavaliers, the Nets, the Knicks & the Heat.

For a while, all indications said he would return to Cleveland, but as of late new info has flooded the airwaves. :wtf:

Twitter is saying its will be the Knicks, but ESPN is reporting it will be the Heat.

We finally find out tonight @9pm from Greenwich, CT.

im not sure about lebron
but this thread should be going here http://shoryuken.com/f3/official-nba-thread-2k9-2k10-fantasy-b-ball-regular-nba-talk-209652/

Mods please close this thread. It’s bad enough The Jester gets his own hour later tonight, do we really need a thread for this?

Originally I thought so also, but there are people who are interested, and yet don’t post on The NBA Thread.

So I made it for the whole community to decide & vote.

i dunno man, i could make a kovalchuk thread (high profile free agent picking a team)
doesnt mean ill be right in doing so

Team Japan @ EVO

never cared about lebron but now i hate him over this

i guess you can’t blame him though when you have everyone on your nuts telling you you’re the greatest since you were 14

probably doesn’t realize what an attention whore he’s being

oh and miami it’s already a done deal

This nigga doesn’t need his own thread.

the real winners are lebrons new team mates since 99% chance they’ll get to bang his mom

i would bang Lebron’s mom for free…

Close the thread please.

Kobe’s 6th >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> LeBron’s 1st

well it’s not that bad. they are doing that special on espn and the proceeds from the commercials are going to charity.

i think the futurama is on tonight at the same time. ya’ll mother fuckers should be watching that instead

yea because it’s 2001 and futurama is relevant


the heat.

I can’t believe I’m about to watch this shit on ESPN3. I think part of being old is being easily amused by things like this on the internet, simply because you can remember not having the internet.

LOLEDIT never fucking mind, Trash Warner Cable isn’t affiliated with ESPN3. Worst fucking cable company ever, and naturally the only real option for cable internet in my apartment building. I could fill up a whole page with how much I hate these fuckers.

Let me save this thread. Next time you are flying to Russia, choose this airline: [media=youtube]NWG20nfrRcw[/media]

Purpose served!