LED Battop?

I remember someone selling something like this a while back are they still around?

[LEFT]I’d actually really like one of those (it would be great for my planned Rez cabinet). I haven’t seen any, but if you find one, lemme know![/LEFT]

Are you talking about purplearms?

He never sold.

Are you talking someone else?

No someone else was selling at one point but there gone maybe I can talk to purple arms about selling two or something.

I wonder where he got a Clear bat top from, or if he used a clear one at all.

He made it.

Wow! He made it! it looks amazing…serious props.

Yup, he created a mold and made it himself.
It is not clear.

I was thinking of drilling out some of the metal at the end of the metal insert to light up a ball top.
Like how people modify bubble tops for light mods.

But this is much better

was a fun project… the step missing is after casting the mold, i removed the joystick handle from the drill press, inserted a drilled shaft into the drill press chuck, poured plastic into the mold, lowered the drill shaft into the liquid plastic… let it dry, then pull it out of the mold and presto…

the drill press makes it much easier… you need to make a jig to hold the handle at the exact correct position…

You should have these mass produced.

nah… there would be too much time / effort / support in exchange for marginal returns… plus lighting led tops is tricky business due to twisting of wires… there are slip ring products out there but i don’t really like how those solutions are implemented…

i actually removed mine from my stick…

I wish i could buy it from you, I have a group that is wanting some of these for there sticks if you’re interested drop me a PM

I had the same problem with the wires on my ball top. Worked fine when I played but after a friend who plays a scrubby Zangief wiggled like a worm out of dirt on it for an evening it was pretty much done. I’m planning on using a fibreoptic cable inserted into the drilled out shaft instead. As long as there is some clearance I hope it won’t twist since it’s not actually fastened in the ball top.

slip rings are out on

and http://groovygamegear.com/webstore/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=382

The device is a rotating circuits used in places like medical equipment and modern electronic windmills where rotating circuits exist. Brian of Paradise Arcade demonstrated the slip ring with some LEDs and a power drill on a you tube video.

I have some experience with fiber optic. Its not really the best solution in this situation for a few reasons:

  1. fiberoptic transmission is not efficient unless done right, with a lens to focus light into the cable, and it needs to be uninterrupted to the ball/bat top, and something to properly diffuse the light into the ball top… there are a lot of things that can heavily impact loss of light…

  2. you need a very strong light source because of transmisison inefficiency (usb powered joysticks do not provide much current to power a superbright led… you’d need a luxeon rebel or something similar)

  3. uninterrupted fiber optic cable(s) running up the shaft will interfere with joystick movement

Yup. Those are standard slip rings. I personally don’t like that implementation. Its still sloppy IMO, but there really aren’t any other options out there.

I know this is a big ass bump but I was thinking about trying this. Any advice and for purplearms if still around. How has that battop held up?