Led controller boards 2015/2016

Hello folks,
Long time lurker, recently decided to get into the scene. I am newish to modding. I come from the raspberrypi scene and want to build my own fight stick to be used with PC.

I am building a tek s1-b and want to light it up. Seeing as all the threads and posts on this topic are from 2013 I need to know.

I have been trolling paradise arcade, topples shop, and Jensen customs. All of you guys seem to be out of boards.

I really want to get the kaimana. Arguing FTW. Being a coding enthusiast, this is AMziNg!!!

Just wanted to know if the OG kaimana will be back in stock soon or is there another LED control board that I should be looking at.

(Mention of a haimana from paradise arcade).

I did try to order through toddles. Have not got a confirmation in over a week so will be getting money back through PayPal.

Kind of thought Cthulhu and FGwidget would have been fun for first build but F@$" it. Let’s go all in. YOlO.

Sorry for long post. Thanks for all help with this in the mean time.

GodLikeControls is still active, I recently received some stuff from them that was ordered a couple of weeks ago. I don’t think I’ve ever had a confirmation email from them…

Thanks for the quick reply.

I guess I will wait to see if t shows up.