LED controllers besides sparky


Hey guys, I was wondering what other LED controllers are out there besides the sparkys. I’ve done two sticks now with the Pmw and it works great but I just want to work with something new. What are my options? Thanks!


Remora! This is amazing and simple to use. That being said, they are sold out now. You’ll have to do a WTB on the trading outlet or something.

Toodles + Purplearms are allegedly working on another batch, but no one knows how long that might take.


fg widgets from toodles are good. I enjoy putting them together… Not RGB though.


I saw one a couple months ago that was hard to explain but it was no one color at any time and was constantly shifting color. It was released at one of the tournaments last year but I can’t recall the name, I want something that can do more advanced lighting than the sparky Pmw


Thats the Remora for sure.

this right?: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IMOw-0yCIWo (go to 5:00)


lol james (JDM), kuya joe, toodles, and gummowned all in that vid…