LED Joystick question

Hello, everyone. I am noob and trying to build my first custom arcade stick. I was able to complete installing the LED to all the seimitsu buttons and now want to install LED on my JLF. I used dremel to drill a hole to the balltop and everything connected and working. However my balltop LED died after maybe 3 mins. Light will get dimmer and just dies. someone told me to use resistor, but I wanted to buy another PCB that can control balltop LED. I currently have Sparky from focusattack and it does not control Joystick LED.

I was thinking about buying a Toodles FGWidget LED Controller Kit, but cannot find anywhere to buy it. (lizardlick sold out)

Can someone suggest me to another good led controller?

Toodles has his own siteā€¦

Thanks, I was able to purchase the item.