LED Lights...where do I start?


Hey all. I have a question about a new modder. I have little to no experience in these kind of things, but I do want to start learning about them. The project that I would like to take on is adding LED lights in my stick for all 8 buttons. What I want…may be impossible but I’d like to run this by you all for feedback.

I want a magenta lights under the stick. I want them to turn on when the back button is pressed (even if that button is disabled). What would a project like this need? Would soldering be required? Can someone point me in the right direction?


There are a lot of solderless builds. The FGWidget requires some soldering work. If you’re using the ArcEyes, then those are solderless but the wiring is the only thing that would be annoying. Also you will require an LED board like Sparky board.


So, all eight buttons to light up magenta when you tap the back button, and I assume they’d all turn off again when you press back again?
Cheap way would require soldering. Expensive way wouldn’t require soldering (Sparky) but would require programming which may be a problem. Best way if you’re not a tech is to talk to a tech about doing it; it’d be easy to setup the cheaper way if you have the basic skills but damn near impossible without.


it’s something I would like to try for myself. Is there any literature or videos you can suggest?


If you could be talked into have a seperate switch, like a toggle switch that you’d mount on the case, it’d be a bunch easier. Its getting the info from the back button to turn off or on that kicks up the difficulty a hair. With a seperate ‘ON/OFF’ toogle switch, it becomes much much easier to describe in a fashion that could be followed.


I’m cool with that, except…would that be tournament appropriate just having a stray toggle there?