LED Mod Help

As the title explains i need help with actually wiring up the leds and stuff, ive seen the arcade paradise guide but im still lost as too where im exactly wiring to what. If anyone could link me to a better guide or even give me some advice that would be cool

Are you using the Uila-type LEDs? What is it that you want them to do? Light up on button press? Always on?

im using Uila Flash, and i want them to light up when i hit the button

I’m assuming you can install them into the buttons okay?

Okay, first select the colors that you want per button. Try to not choose more than two per button, because there’s only so much current you can draw from USB. Remember that
Green + Blue = Cyan
Green + Red = Yellow
Blue + Red = Magenta

Once you pick out the colors you’d like, you’ll need to connect all of the Black wires from the Uila-S to a power source. More specifically, find the red USB cable, and connect all of the black wires, one per button. A barrier strip may help you do this:

It connects wires from one side to the other.

Connect a wire from the red USB wire to the barrier strip, then connect all of your black wires to the barrier strip. You can daisy chain the wires to connect lots of black wires together. Just get them all connected to the red USB wire.

Then, connect the colors for each button that you want to that button to be colored to the button’s signal wire, that is, the specific wire that connects to a button that isn’t ground. One of the two wires connected to a button is ground, don’t connect to that. But if you do connect to ground on accident, it will just be always lit, so just switch the wires from that wire to the other wire if they’re always lit.

Okay thank you, sorry if i left this out by accident but i have the Sparky Pwm Smd, and the soderless connecters for that would that work in the same exact way, sorry if that was important info left out

Oh, if you’re wanting to use the Sparky PWM SMD, then it is a bit different. I have a video coming up soon, but I’ll explain it to you, in the meantime. More info here: Official FA Sparky PWM RGB LED Controller Thread

Connect all of the red wires from the Uilas to every red wire from all the Uilas, use the 3M ScotchLocks included to do so. You slide wires that you want to connect into the hole, and then pop it down with your fingers to connect the wires. Then connect that to the Red wire labeled “R” from the smaller harness.

Connect all the blues wires from the Uilas to each other, just like the red wires. To the “B” blue wire on the smaller harness. Same with greens.

Then, slide the Signal wires from your button onto their respective button, using the larger harness, e.g.
1P 2P 3P 4P
1K 2K 3K 4K

Use the wire that has the quick disconnects attached. Take the wire off of the button, connect it to the male QD, and then connect the female QD to the button. If you accidentally connect the ground wire this way, that’s okay, the button will just be lit up all of the time, so after wiring it, just switch. If you don’t know which is which, just guess. For the ones that always light up, just switch those, and they’ll be right the second time.

Then, for the wires on the harness that don’t have a QD, connect those to the Black wires from the Uila using the ScotchLocks. The White wires will not be used, so you can cut them.

Now, to power the PCB, you will need to cut your USB cable. Don’t cut it directly off of your PCB, cut the cable a few inches away from your PCB. Then, strip the cable to expose four wires on both sides that you’ve cut. Use a ScotchLock to reconnect the green and a separate ScothLock to connect white wires back together. Then, slide the two red wires together with the red wire from the smaller harness, and connect them with a ScotchLock. Do the same with the black wires.

After that, you should have your Sparky PMW SMD all ready to go. If you want to change the colors, you can use an FTDI Breakout and the Sparky Configurator. http://sparky.32teeth.org/downloads.html

Thanks for all the help i appreciate it, i think i should be good now and i cant wait to see the vid man, ive already seen the other one u have. it helped alot

im still having some trouble i think ill just wait for ur tutorial