LED MOD on 30mm Sanwa Buttons

Hello guys,

Ive done LED mods millions of times on seimitsu buttons and for customers (check my youtube) but im about to redesign my HRAP 2SA and wanted to know what do red sanwa buttons look like with the same very bright white leds i use when pressed. I only have white buttons but im curious if anyone has done this before to red and can provide a picture. Id really appreciate it.

You won’t get any effect at all unless the area around the button is translucent or transparent. Sanwa buttons are opaque and no light will shine through and if any does, it’ll be super limited and will barely be visible even in a dark room through the space between the plunger and the bezel. Only feasible way I can see doing this is threading an LED through a cut out portion of the plunger plastic or something similar.

Of course, I could be horribly wrong on this one, because the best I’ve tried is putting a lamp underneath my HRAP2:SA panel.