LED Mod Without PCB


Is there any way to LED mod my TE stick with just LEDs and wire without any circuit board? Sorry if there was already a post like this :frowning:


Yes, resistors and a on/off switch

you still may want to get some pref/prototype board for Resistor mounting.


Or use Uilas from Paradise Arcade Shop. You don’t need resistors for them. Just power and ground.


Well that works.


Is there a link to how to wire all this up? Thanks for the feedback btw :slight_smile:


Power > Wire> Resistor > Wire> LED> Wire >Ground

According to @iNendoi the Uilas already have resistors installed.
So it be power > wire > Uilas > wire > ground.

Power would come from the red wire in your USB cord where it connects to the PCB.
If you are using a PS360+ or Cthulhu use the VCC terminal
Ground goes to any ground.


Okay so you just repeat that for each button? And how would I go about wire up a switch to turn on and off all the LEDs without cutting off the power to the fightstick entirely?


You don’t actually modify the power to the PCB it self, you are only tapping to it.

If you have a aftermarket board like the Cthulhu or PS360+, then screw a wire to the VCC terminal.
If your board does not have screw terminals you have to solder A wire to the VCC point.

That wire can go to a on/off switch , and from your switch to all your LEDs.

I would wire the LEDs in Parallel and not in series.


Okay so how would I go about tapping into the power from the regular madcatz TE stick PCB?


Your USB cable should have 4 wires coming out.
Red, white, green and Black. There is a thicker 5th black wire but this does nothing.

Your Red wire is your supply voltage. You want to solder another wire right to this for power.
As for ground, any ground point would do. You could tap into the Black wire as that ground, or the button distribution board and tap that ground.
Or even the ground wire in the joystick wire harness.


Alright thanks for all the help :smiley: I’ll post the pictures in a little bit



I wanted to have blue LEDs all around but I ran out and some weren’t working so the dim red LEDs will have to do for now


What kind of LEDs are you using?


Uila’s and Pele’s both have resistors built in :slight_smile: looking good!


it’s 4 5mm blue LEDs and 8 3mm red LEDS. They’re not very bright I kinda want to replace them later


The brightness might have more to do with then power going out to them.


Or possibly the amount of resistance within the circuit for each LED, the positioning of the LED, the type of LED (at least for dispersion of light), or just the lighting of the room or even the camera quality.

On a side note 5mm is pretty big for a button LED, it’d probably look best with minimum 2 3mm LEDs mounted on opposite sides of the button. You could drill holes for them under the button on the bottom side and hold them in place with some hot glue.


Is his LEDs in wired in series or parallel ?


Were these wired for push on/off (hit the button and they light up)? And were these regular or SMD LEDs that were used?


OP said regular 3mm and 5mm LEDs were used.