LED modding on Seimitsu 24mm buttons?

First off, yes, I’m well aware that all of Seimitsu’s 24mm buttons are opaque and won’t let any light through, but I was wondering if there was any way to light them up without having to resort to an underlight effect.

I was thinking that one could thread an LED (I’m thinking an RGB LED if it makes a difference) between the plunger and the microswitch, but I have a feeling this is definitely not going to work. Are there any ways I can go about doing this or should I just give up?

Take a look here. This tutorial is possible for 24mm buttons, too.


and here a version with drilling holes in the button


Thanks for that bencao. That helped a bit, but I’m not 100% sure about what you’re doing there. The first one I sorta have an idea. You’re just threading LEDs through the holes in the buttons, correct? But that method requires semi-transparent or transparent buttons…

I looked at your second one where you drilled holes in the button, but I can’t quite see exactly where any drilling happened. From what I can see, you simply hot glued the LED in place right under the button. Would you mind elaborating where and how I should drill with what sized bit and all?

Sorry for that. In the older post was quite better pic. Perhaps this helps. Here’s a mod with 3mm Leds. I’ve aused a dremel with 1mm drill I thinks. Adapt the thickness to your harness/wires.


and here


Of course I’ve used tranparent or semi-transparent buttons. Should be difficult to use no transparent ones. But anyway, perhaps LEDs with high intensity will do the job…

Thanks bencao! Those tutorials are extremely useful! I’ll be sure to make good use of them. You are right though, it should not be that difficult to install. I’ll be sure to let you know how it turns out when I finish it up.