LED (on press) w/ Madcatz TE Stick, help - links are broken :(


I guess there was a huge update to the site recently, because all year old links that talk about LED modding their TE fight stick seem to be broken


With as little soldering as possible, im looking for something similiar to LED mods described here: youtube.com/watch?v=PRQCMiHqI6s. I cannot find where i can purcahse the Sparky PWM or Arc Eye 3 kits. Just looking for LEDs that light up when pressed for now.

Any friendly help for noob modder would be appreciated.


Paradisearcadeshop is a week or so away from releasing their all new LED board that is supposedly very user-friendly. I’d wait for that.

Arc Eyes 3s can be found at gdlk.co


Oh awesome thanks - know where i can read up on it? Quickly going thru their Facebook page doesnt bring up anything (at least the last couple months)


They have a thread on SRK’s Tech Talk…its updated quite often because Armi (the guy in charge of PAS) gives us constant updates of whats new in the shop. Very informative.

As for Sparky PWMs…I’m not entirely sure where to get these anymore. I know focusattack discontinued them. PAS actually might have them still, but they are about to be obsoleted.

You may hear about Remora, which is my fav LED PCB thus far because of its incredibly easy installation, but they arent sold anymore and you’ll have to scour the Trading Outlet for one.