LED Sticks an Buttons

Was just browsing another forum and ran across this.


Apparently they’re made by Sanwa and a release date is still undecided. Just curious what everyone here thought of them.

Super Edit - thread title should be LED Sticks and Buttons. Oh well, you get the idea.

Hi man,
I got this pic also (scanned it from a japanese arcademagazine I got):

I have asked Sanwa many times about these things but it is still not for sale :/. Dunno if it ever will be…

Yeah, I think it would be a hot seller. We’ve been told two different stories, one that it’s just being perfected before release and another that the hold up is the high cost/tech support involved.

I wish Seimitsu would hurry up and make something similar.

I have asked seimitsu if they ever will come out with a new joystick (optical or whatever) but they just say no :/.

A Seimitsu made Flash equivalent? That’d be such a great stick. A shame they’ll never make it.

so everyone knows, you’d need to get an entirely new shaft and maybe a new stick to use one of those because of the additional circuitry. Pretty cool though.

Yeah, everything would have to be entirely new. Looks like even the dustcovers are clear.

those are hottt

These would FORCE me to get into the stick making business. They’re too sexy to leave alone for ANYTHING