Led-Wiz for TE?

I was wondering if anyone has used or know if its possible to use the Led-wiz for a TE led mod? Or do I need to make my own pcb for the leds?

What exactly does LED-Wiz do? You don’t need a PCB for Light up on activation/always powered. Just place an LED in/next to your buttons. Always powered?Just solder VCC to +, and GND to ?. On when activated? VCC to +, signal of specific button on ?. If you want cool LED board that does a lot of cool stuff, check out Toodles’ LED board. It’s on Lizardlick.

Thank you my friend, I have now successfully added led lights to my stick. Thank you :). Sadly I spent money on the led-wiz and have no use for it or how to use it lol.

Sorry about that. Maybe you could link me to some instructions of how this board exactly works? Sounds kinda cool.

LED-Wiz 32-port USB Lighting and Output Controller [LEDWIZ01] - $44.95 : GroovyGameGear.com, Always the best in Arcade, Jukebox, Kiosk, Gaming and Industrial controls

OMG that thing is wild!

But the Arc-Eye is really a better choice, unless your doing something other than light up buttons…

It really looks like the core focus of that board is for dedicated cabinets/jukeboxes running a PC. I haven’t read too deep into the documentation, but it may be able to save the patterns/program to the board itself to work when not on a computer, but its a bit fuzzy on that point. It might work, but it’d take some work.
The LED controller LizardLick carries is made specifically for arcade sticks, and doesn’t require the programming stuff that the LED-Wiz does. If you’re willing to take the time to learn how to use the LedWiz, try it out and let us know. If you just want a cool LED controller for your arcade stick without learning all of that the LED controller from LizardLick would be a better fit.

The Arc-eyes and the LED-Wiz are very different beasties. Arc-eyes are inserts made to go into Sei KN buttons so that LEDs can cleanly be installed in a button, but doesn’t control when the LEDs turn on or off. You should be able to use the Arc-eyes with the Led-wiz, just like you can use the arc-eyes with the FGW LED controller.


Agreed. It looks like a lot more power for something than a stick. It can run the max of 500 mA of power alloted to a single USB device, which combined with multiple controller boards, could cause you to draw too much current or power. Worst case, blowing a fuse and killing your USB port, best case, system constantly disconnecting you. As Toodles noted, more suitable for jukeboxes/ dedicated cabs that have a spare USB port that can just churn out the current for you. But being programmable makes it unique.

Knowing how to limit the power, you could have one wacky LED-modded stick. I’m sure it would work, just at a greater price, and more work. But, this makes it more customizable. FGW is cheap, and the only way to customize requires you to have some sort of microcontroller programming skills and equipment.

Aww, you linked to my video, Toodles. :smiley:

How do you program the FGW? What is need to do so? Any vids on this, your stick looks cool Toodles

For the most part, you dont. Theres a number of display option available you can set by bringing up the menu and selecting it. Check out the welcome sheet that comes with them.
It should answer any questions about how to use it you may have.