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I was wondering if it is possible to put LED’s for the buttons and stick lever on my Arcade Stick?
If i can where would i purchase these parts?

This is the Arcade Stick I have


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You can, but it would require clear buttons and a drilled or hollow shaft if you plan on lighting up both the balltop and buttons. There are various led controllers for different types of LEDs so it depends on if you want RGB color mixing or plan on using individual colors.

General 3mm LEDs can be found pretty much anywhere, but I like to get them from here:

If you want RGB LEDs it will depend on the button you plan on using, as you could use various small LED PCBs that are meant to be inserted into the button itself such as these:

Or alternatively you could use LEDs that snap on the button itself and illuminate the buttons from underneath such as:

or arc eye 3s found at toodles’ site:

Currently the LED controller PCBs that are in stock are:

  • Toodles FGW (Single color, no extra hardware required, multiple modes, found at above site)
  • Sparky PWM (RGB Color Mixing, requires extra hardware to program, no modes, found at focusattack.com)

Hollow joystick shafts can be found at focusattack.com or paradisearcadeshop.com along with translucent buttons for the stick.

If you plan on using sanwa buttons (same as current buttons in stick) then you would either need arc eye 2/3s, 3mm LEDs, or modified KNserts from toodles. (The last two options require various forms of modification to the button or pcb)

If you plan on using seimitsu buttons (preferably the PS-14-KN model as it is compatible with more hardware for LEDs) then you would need Uila/Uila S from paradisearcadeshop.com or opt for any of the sanwa options except the arceye 3 as you would need the PS-14-K model due to the microswitch size.

After that you would need to select your PCB and wire it up. Both would require you to tap power from the main PCB and feed it to the next, while connecting the various wires that lead to the LEDs and corresponding buttons.

The FGW is fairly straightforward to install and would require solder work. You would need to solder the components, chain the grounds of the LED (and possibly the buttons), link the button signal lines from the main PCB to the FGW, then wire the Anodes of each LED to their corresponding button labeled point.

The sparky PWM is able to be installed solderlessly, however Focusatttack has run out of quick crimps, which would require you either to solder or crimp the wires. This involves chaining the Red, Green, and Blue lines to the PCB, then linking a series of wires from the button back to the PCB similar to the FGW install.

As for joystick illumination that is supported by the FGW if you want it to turn on when a direction is pressed, or alternatively you can place a 3mm or 5 mm (5mm requires modification) LED in a hollow shaft then hook it up to the corresponding ends with a resistor for constant illumination.

While I don’t know your capabilities to mod, and I also don’t want to discourage you, but this can be a somewhat hard or annoying mod depending on direction, and has much room for error. If you want to still mod it go for it! I can help you if you need it. If you would rather have someone else do it there are various modding services in the trading outlet and Gummo or DaRabidDuckie can help you out.


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