Lee-Sifu, drunken fist

an hour color in photoshop.

alt blend is…NICE!

Do Drunken Boxing! lol, nice pic Dfists. I have yet to try out that alt trick yet, but I can see that you put it to some gr8t use. Perfect pose and cool tones completes the pic. Who is Lee-Sifu though?

Yeah df thats a cool pic. definitely feelin the tones of the image. Not too familiar with the character though so u might wanna school me on who he is, and about the “alt trick” while your at it. Nice work.

Hey, I really like what you’ve done with the drunken boxing stance (esp the right hand - you can so see it’s clasping an imaginary wine cup) and the colours. Totally amused by his facial expression and his pink cheeks & nose. You’ve really improved!

Rock Lee, from Naruto, I believe (I don’t watch/read the thing, but damn it’s everywhere). “Sifu” is Chinese for “master.”

CLICK HERE check out Step 4, specifically.

NOOO!!! You beat me to my drawing!!! I was gonna draw my red chain ranger in a drunken-ryu stance on paint, dood! How could you! Nah j/k, Love the drawing dood. Your pose is top-notch! I wanna see more! (^_^)

Oh that lee, I see now, I see.

EDIT: Eh, Kan what up though? Long time no post, do you still draw…lol

Yeah, man… barely though. I’m postin in my college library (how lame)… Hell, I might do a quick ms paint drawing while i’m here:lol:
BTW that Spidey CG, was BOSS as shit, dood! :clap: props!