LeEco LeGFS-201 ~ Anyone have info on this stick? & Need help dual modding (Wired/Wireless, Sanwa Parts, PC/Android)

Hi, I’m new here and this is my first post so forgive me, but I couldn’t find any info about this fightstick on SRK and the only info on Google is all in Korean. I’m hoping someone has experience with it, and can maybe tell me if it’s possible to dual mod or attach a secondary board to it while using the original function buttons.

Also, this stick case/design seems to be rebranded and sold under other names, the ones I’ve found are: GameSir C2 (universal, needs controller like MayFlash), Dragon Slay DGSAK17 (universal, same), Gorilla Gaming Pro Fightstick (PS4 native support).

Basic stuff about the stick:
PC/Android compatible, can be used wired or wireless via 2.4ghz dongle, 500mah internal rechargeable battery, D/X-input switchable, all legit Sanwa buttons and JLF lever, updatable firmware?, really solid plastic body w/metal bottom plate.

My experience so far:
I’ve tested it with a Raspberry Pi 3B both wired and wireless in D-input and it works flawlessly. I don’t have a PC so can’t test it there, but gonna try it on PS4 & PS3 just for the heck of it. I’d love for it to work on PS4 especially, but either way I bought it cuz it was a steal! Got it on fleabay for just under $45, kinda beat up box but stick was flawless. I figured the Sanwa components are worth the cost alone, and I could just add a Brooks or padhack if necessary.

In summary:
I’m hoping this will work on PS4 or even PS3, I also noticed a feature mentioned on the box is “updatable firmware”, though the lemall site doesn’t even list this product anymore and there’s no downloads to be found. But I did find a firmware update program on the Gorilla Gaming site for their version of the stick… I wonder if the boards in all of these are actually the same?? I don’t really wanna risk it cuz I’ll have no way to reflash the original firmware lol. I might just try a padhack with the Hori mini PS4 gamepad if it doesn’t work on PS4 already. Pics of the main board are in one of the reviews linked below.


Images of the main board, taken from review linked below:

Links to related stuff:
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Gorilla Gaming Stick (has link to firmware update)
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Ok that’s all, sorry this post was so damn long :exploding_head:

Ok so I wanted to update this with something odd I found out… I tried using this stick with SFV on PS4 and though it didn’t work natively it popped up right away using the in-game Legacy Mode! And it even worked wirelessly via the dongle! But it wasn’t all good as the buttons were mapped incorrectly and some buttons just couldn’t be remapped.

I actually really like the build and overall feel of this stick so it was kinda disappointing that I couldn’t use it with PS3/4 as is.
So my new goal is to make this into my main K-stick for Tekken, and I want to add in one of those Brook PCBA boards while making use of the stock button panel for Home, Options, Share, etc… But I also want to keep the original board’s functionality for the convenient wireless mode.
I guess this would be considered a dual mod? Can I just put a switch on the USB’s VCC/5V and then wire up the Brook like normal while keeping the original board’s connections intact as well?
I don’t know much outside of replacing the stock board for another single board, so any help would be appreciated! For now I’ll check out other dual mod builds, but my main issue is how to use of the original board’s front panel buttons for the new board.

The box doesn’t say anything about PS4 or PS3 support, so there’s that.

It works on PS3 because that console was very lax on controllers, so most standard HID devices/controllers will work fine on it (for example, the Nintendo/Hori Pokken controller, or the PowerA Switch Wired Controller, works just fine on a PS3).

Since it works on a PS3, it’s not surprising that Legacy Mode works fine with it on a PS4 in SFV.

Back on topic, yes, you would be looking at a dual-mod. Follow the golden rules for dual-modding and you’ll be fine.

  1. VCC must be connected between both boards at all times
  2. GND must be connected between both boards at all times
  3. Never plug the combination into more than one console at any time.

Yeah I bought it hoping it would work but prepared for it not to lol. It was a good deal either way, and I ended up liking it’s solid construction and the wireless feature for playing retro stuff on the Pi.

Ok so following the rules you listed and having both VCC&GND constantly connected to both boards, how would I do the switching between the boards? It sounds like both boards would be powered any time it’s plugged in, so can I just put a DPDT switch on both of the data lines to choose which board will be active? I want to have it with both boards using the one original USB cable, while adding a simple toggle switch hidden in the cable compartment to pick between them.

Also, thanks for your input!

You’ll need to have a DPDT switch of some sort and switch between the D+ and D- lines of both PCBs.

Is the bottom panel metal?

Yup it’s metal and pretty damn heavy too. I really like the build quality of mine.

Also, I finally found the gold mine for dual modding: Dual Modding 101
Definitely gonna read through this whole thing before starting this project.