Lee's Summit, MO I have a Pizza/Pub place and I want to host a tournamant!

Hey guys, I recently just became the Restaurant Manager for Next Door Pizza and Pub here in Lees Summit, Missouri.

I have been to a couple of the local tournaments here in the KC area and figured we could maybe put the space we have to use possibly. This is just a plan in the works and nothing has been scheduled yet but I wanted to know what everyone thought.

We have space for AT LEAST 50 people and ~15 setups maybe. I would also be willing to put up some prize money and gift certificates in addition to any entry fee that may be decided on.

We are a pizza place and have a full bar and a long list of craft bottled beers and beers on tap, obviously 21 to drink but all ages are welcome. We are located in New Longview next to Longview Community College for anyone wanting a general spot we are located at.

Like I said, this is just an idea as I know there are already some local tournament organizers. I just wanted to throw my hat in the community to see what could be done to help it grow and prosper.

Any suggestions anyone might have would be great!

Thanks Guys

Pizza + Games + Beer = Awesome

I’d like to see you host a hookup during the week. I know we have several players in the east KC suburbs that have to drive out of their way to attend the regular hookups, so this would be a nice change of pace for them.

As for announcing tournaments/hookups, make sure you post up in the Kansas City thread prior to doing so in order to coordinate with Axiom (Maxout organizer).

Yea awesome, I can make that happen anytime!

I’m interested. What games are planned? Or is it just playing whatever people want to play?

considering it’s in lee’s summit and i’m 21. i’d def be down for this idea.

Are you planning on doing weekly hookups? If so then you should pick a day of the week to do it on. We already have weekly hookups for Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday. I’d say either Monday or Saturday would be a good day to fill in.

I live in ls so im down. lets do it!

Holy shit, responses!

@b1argh whatever games anyone wants to play.

@papermarkis weekly hookups would be a great idea! since you guys have tues, wed, and fri down…lets see…sunday or monday would be best. Saturday is a bit busy but not totally unavailable

I’m happy this is catching on a tiny bit guys, cool!! I normally work 5-6 days a week and I would be happy to get anything planned. My email at the restaurant is


Lets get something going!!

Sounds like something awesome I’d be able to do some time down the road. But a Monday hookup doesn’t sound bad at all.

No one has replied but I will doing this anyway.

Next Door Pizza casual hookup Sunday @ 8pm. Let’s see how it’ll go

Edit- Sorry, 360 is the system unless someone wants to bring PS3.

Edit 2- Food and Drinks will be 25% off to those who wanna play!

Final Round 15 Qualifier #3 announced! Win badges, byes, and possibly airfare to FR15! Plus $$$
Kansas City - 12/17/2011