Left and Right Corners have different properties?

I noticed I could do a combo with Doronjo in the Left corner but not in the Right corner. Here is a vid: http://www.youshare.com/BB%20Hood/29410710c7e32699.flv.html
Is it the corners or does Doronjo’s moves have different properties depending on the direction she faces? What this passed down from the previous game?

Maybe your timing it wrong or something, I dont know. Doronjo is a weird character but I dont think she has different properties. I think ll.nd has done it on the right side before but not sure.

Didn’t one of Karas’ old infinites from CGOH only work in one corner and not the other? Maybe some of that sillyness still applies.

I noticed on the right side you didn’t ground dash to start the combo like you did on the left, maybe thats it?

Speed up your inputs on the normals maybe? I dunno much about doronjo but maybe if your cancelling the normals too slowly they may be pushed too far from your character (ie Jun’s 6c after her ground magic series midscreen).

It’s just your timing hoodsta. The bomb-tree loop you did on the left side in the vid had tighter timing. The one on the right, not so much. You want to call the Rock at the same time the tree explodes.

The Rock-Tree loop works fine in both corners, in all stages, 100% guaranteed.

I have a different variation of it though.

Opponent in right corner: 5B 2B 5C 623+C BBQ 5B 2B 5C (tree explodes) immediately 214+B (A and C work too) 623+C etc…

Not to hijack the thread, but has anyone been able to consistently get three reps out of this unassisted? The timing is insanely difficult, but it’s possible.