Left hand training?

I have a really weak/slow/useless left hand. Its starting to hamper my game as I’m getting better at Street Fighter, but as I do, the moves/combos become more complex and faster and my left hand just cannot keep up.

Like I’ve just completed Kens Normal trial (don’t laugh it was HARD for me lol) and canceling the shoryuken into the ultra was impossible for me to do with my left hand as it just can’t go that fast so I had to switch over to complete it lol.

So, Im looking for tips if possible on how I can “train” my left hand to improve strength/speed (if there are any). Will it just be a case of keep practicing and it will get better/faster over time or are there any specific exercises I could do? Anyone got any tips I could use? I’m sure there are others with the same problem, so hopefully this thread (if any tips are posted) could help a few other people too.

(I did do a quick search, but couldnt really find anything specifically on this.)

fap with your left hand. j/k…you can buy hand strengthening stuff or you can use rubberbands and do extensor work. am all about hand strength I can close a ironmind coc 2.5 gripper and I bend nails.

Play shooters on the computer while using the mouse with your left hand. This will improve your speed, accuracy, and dexterity. If dexterity is a big problem use those hand strengthening devices and exercises.

This is what training mode is for. Practice up on those DPs and fireballs in training mode. Don’t forget to play real games too. :slight_smile:

It takes a while, just keep at it. It is entirely normal for it to take a long time to get good at fighting games.

I try not to mash inputs. Helps a ton with dexterity. i.e. Don’t ram QCF 10x just for one super/ultra. Do it exactly twice and try to keep your inputs precise. It will slow you down a ton, but after practicing precision, then work on speed while keeping that precision.

could always do it like S-Kill and play cross armed

right hand on stick left on buttons

bui;d a stick with buttons on thr left a nd the stick on the right

Best advice in this thread.