Left Handed SE Stick

alright my friend and I made a deal that if he buys 2 MadCatz Se Fight Sticks, I’ll buy the parts to mod them and everything (he got the better deal lol), ok so I made artwork for his stick, then he asks me is it possible to make it left handed for him.

So here are the problems:
1)I know the SE has a Metal Panel that can come off and everything and I can cut a hole on the other side for the guide and turbo functions. Is there a way to cover the original guide/turbo hole so the art would sit flush?

2)Is the metal part that holds the JLF is that screwed in or is it like welded in, if welded in could it be removed easily and place on the opposite side or replaced by spacers?

3)Would the slope on the panel be able to bend backward?

4)Finally, would it just be easier to buy a peice of sheet metal and start from scratch?

We haven’t ordered the stuff for this project yet and I haven’t had the chance to get a good inside look of where the JLF is placed to tell if its screwed of not. ANY info given towards the stick is greatly appreciated :tup:

If you want the easiest solution or you’re not good with working metal, tell him to play cross handed or quit crying and learn to play like the rest of us.

However if you’re too nice for that and you’re good with metal working, probably the easiest solution to buy a piece of metal and start over.

The case isn’t designed to have the plate flipped and will cause you way more trouble.

this sounds like a interesting project

Your friend should have bought a TE or HRAP. You can get a custom top panel replacement plexi for the TE or HRAP at tek-innovations.com. Look for Panel Builder.

The total cost of Modding a TE or HRAP to be left handed will be significantly less that trying to make an SE left handed.

I believe the mounting for the stick is welded onto the top panel. That said as long as the screw holes are symmetrical and you have a grinder you can probably reverse the layout (i.e. remove the artwork and buttons, flip the panel over, reinstall the buttons, etc.) as long as you can come up with some way to mount the stick and move the turbo/home area I can’t think of why that wouldn’t work

You can take your disassembled SE top plate into almost any machine shop, including those that service the automotive industry, and explain what it is that you want to do. They should be able to remove the joystick bracket, sand down and smooth out the reverse side then weld the bracket back on to the other. Of course you will destroy the original art in the process and need an effective replacement.

@ rtdzign: I didn’t know art did stuff like that hmm…

@ Izagaia: Sounds like to much trouble, but thank you for the wisdom anyways :tup:

@ Nobus3r1 ver. 2.0: Shit just as I expected, thank you for telling me that, I might go with the idea with the HRAP that rtdzign had

@ Kakitajamie: lmao, I usually would but seeing how I had to convince him to do this so I would get my stick earlier than planned, I’ll try to stay on his good side :rofl:

@ MattyHusted: Thank you, but seeing how it seems like a major pain, I’ll have to drop this one and start with the HRAP and maybe try to pick it up later when im better at this stuff :stuck_out_tongue: