Left side of TE stick unresponsive when doing quick cannon strikes


Quick Cannon strikes on the left side dont seem to come out at all but i can easily spam them on the right side. any suggestions?




are you sure its just my execution?


Human dexterity generally favors one side over the other (unless you were fortunate enough to be blessed with ambidexterity,) so it could very well be your execution. If this only happens when you’re executing Cannon Spikes, then I’m sure that’s all it is. You just have to practice. It takes a long time and a lot of effort to have proficient execution from both 1p and 2p side. Just keep at it.


from the rules:

  • Technique questions do not belong here. If you can’t pull off a move practice it until you can.


It does seem like my execution for other moves besides quick cannon on the left side is not as great as the right. I guess il just have to practice.


Put on input display to make sure. If all the directions are activating consistently, then it’s your execution. Practice practice practice.