Left side vs right side

Which are the differences when tournament players decide choosing the left side or the right one?

Advanced techniques? Glitches?

motion comfort mostly

there does exist certain side specific nuances

this comes to mind: [media=youtube]sKVjpAGnMTQ[/media]
and these: [media=youtube]KFpSE3K8QDE[/media]

but i think the glitches work on both sides, it’s more about which way you’re facing, i.e. whether you’re facing away from your own corner, or towards.

In cvs2 there’s a corner crossup thing about advantage being on side 2 or 1. but I don’t play that game.

Good reply Khiem,

The basic idea for sides is the way the game engine recognizes which side a player is on. This is the reason why some moves/glitches/combos only work on 1 side. This is a conjecture but I believe it has to do with the fact that the game engine uses a number line (lets say -1 to 1), where zero “0” represents the middle. If this is true then the game engine cannot “register” the 0 mark (i.e. the character cannot exist on both sides simoultaneously) so the game engine Programmer probably (IMO this is true, but if someone can prove me wrong/show me otherwise I would like that very much) made 1 side of the screen 1 pixel longer (YES 1 pixel matters BIG TIME; watch the vids Khiem supplied and look to this post I did about N.ken’s ground cross using his HCF+K http://forums.shoryuken.com/showpost.php?p=4624750&postcount=102).

Hopefully that will answer your question with a technical touch.