Lefty flip/cross hand

So what’s the point of left-handed players using lefty flip sticks or playing cross handed? Wouldn’t it be easier to learn to play on existing hardware as it was intended?

My language might betray me here, my intention is not to say, “hey, all you people bein’ different, stop it,” but I’m curious as to how and why this came about.

I’m ambidexterous (left hand dominant), so I just naturally went with the traditional way of playing because at the time, I wasn’t aware there was any different, just as I had for other things such as golf (left handed clubs are f’n expensive) or guitar (my dad wouldn’t let me restring his). But what changes for a left-handed player to make him want or need to play completely different from everybody else?

how: lefties build or order custom made sticks
why: its more comfortable for them

Lefties are evil. Playing cross handed is a forbidden technique.

I believe the majority of the players who play cross handed are from Mexico, where they have cabinets on p2 side with the joystick on the right side. It’s really weird.

There are players who naturally play like that, like Seth Killian. I do it on occasion on keyboard when I can’t change the config. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve heard most are from REALLY down south Cali and Mexico. I’ve seen cabs like that too, where it’s set up viewing left to right “P1 sticks, p1 buttons, p2 buttons, p2 sticks”. your wrist movements in your right hand are formed into muscle memory if you’re used to playing on P2. So people would learn to play cross hands.

what in the world are you doing playing video games?! didn’t you know that left-handed pitchers are such a commodity that even if you can throw a decent speed, you’re almost sure to lock down an MLB contract? put down that controller and get to practicing…and when you make it big, i want my cut.

btw, i think s-kill plays cross-handed. he mentions it in an interview, i think it’s with dogface.

i’m a lefty and I don’t play cross handed and I do perfectly fine the way arcade sticks are built to be.

my first time playing with the stick on the inside of a arcade machine was horrible. Never again.

Lol, Mexicans stil do that shit? I thought it was just a phase like dyeing your bangs blonde.

there’s clips of random arcades in I Got Next and there’s mexican players playing cross handed. My brother is slightly slow in the head, and while he sucks at fighters, he learns about them and why things are how they are. I told him about cross handed players and I explained why, and when we watched I Got Next his eyes shot open and said “it is true! It is a mexican thing!”

I’m left handed, but I never played cross-handed because it still felt more comfortable to play with my right hand since that’s the way it was made.

I too am ambidextrous but prefer to use my left hand for some very odd reason. Also wasnt the stick put on the left side intentionally so players would end up having to put more money in the machine? Non-Dominant hand=more fuck ups

It’s a Mexican thing. Being left/right-handed has nothing to do with it.

True, but as time went on and the games evolved, we see alot more stuff that requires the dominant hand to be on the buttons (complex button presses combinations for moves/combos, plinking, etc.).

Doesn’t Seth Killian play cross handed?

No, he uses his face.

I’m surprised nobody brought up the point that the way joysticks are made now is naturally better for left-handed people anyway. It’s just that sticks have always been made like this; that’s why it’s so common now. The dominant hand should be the one using the part of the stick sensitive to precise movements (the joystick) while the non-dominant hand should be the one doing the imprecise inputs (hitting buttons). Of course, adding double-tapping and pianoing techniques may complicate this notion, but at a basic level, wouldn’t that make more sense?

I don’t know, right-handed people tell left-handed people all the time how being left-handed is an advantage for learning guitar because you can use your dominant hand for fretting. Have you ever tried to pick with your off hand? It’s. . . not easier.

Didn’t you know, he playes Cloth-Handed

I thought left handers are advantaged as that hand is used to coordinate directions.

guys - cross hands has nothing to do with left or right handedness. Right or left, you have to learn that new skill with one hand (joystick) and button inputs with another (right). Next time you are going to learn a new technique (not video games) do it with your left hand. And do it until it becomes natural. Now use your right. Your right, if it’s domininant, will not be as able bodied as your left due to muscle memory in the left developing. cross hands do it because the way arcade cabinets were designed.