Lefty TE stick... is this possible?

I have a friend who is missing part of his left hand. I’ve been trying to get him into SF but he seems to struggle with operating the joystick with that hand. it seems that he would be better off if the stick was on the other side… so i got to thinking last night.

would it be possible to rewire the sanwa stick and reverse the directions so that if we turned the stick around that the directionals wouldnt be inverted?

I know we could easily rewire the buttons with quick disconnects and all, basically im just wondering if we could invert the stick the same way? if not, how might one go about doing that?

you could just open it and turn the PCB inside, The board with the switches. or if you want you could rotate the whole stick if it’s rough to get the gate off etc.

here’s what you’d need to do to help your buddy out… Take the MadCatz TE metal panel template, and swap it around while keeping the turbo panel in the same place. Then try to get someone to hook you up with a new metal plate like that, complete with mounting bracket. Then you just pop it back on, pop your art of choice on, and you’d literally have a mirrored stick.

Either that, or he could learn to play S-Kill style (cross-handed).

edit: Oh, I see. Just swapping the directions around?

Hmm… That’d leave him with a weird button layout if he wasn’t using the 6 straight ones… Even then I think that’d be pretty far apart?


Someone get the JLF PCB rotation explanation image for this man… Yeah, it’s not going to be perfect, but just lock the turbo/guide PCB and make extra sure he doesn’t hit start?

Yes, just rotate the Joystick PCB 180.
Then when the Arcade Stick is played with the Joystick on right side, directions be same.

But ignore me too.

Get a plexi from art but ask him to swap the layout around, and then there’s no need to rewire anything :slight_smile:

Yeah okay, as long as he’s cool without a joystick. You have to mount those to something, you know.

I love that this has an awesomely simple solution! Have fun teaching your pal!!

I think you are right on raeli…flip the joystick, make sure start is locked:), with the current stick it would the straight button layout, and plugging the 2 holes closest to the stick would probably help him a lot.


What an amazing job! plug the holes in blue. Flip the stick…you know for the work involved he could have one built:)

I still don’t think this has been explained adequately.

First you will need to open up your joystick so that you can see the clear plastic restrictor. This is also called a gate. It is the circular part on the bottom of the joystick with a square hole in it.

It has four plastic clips going through it. You will need to bend those back a little bit until you can slide the restrictor off. Now you can see the switches that are used to activate the directional inputs. The are soldered to a small pcb and there is a white connector on the pcb. Temporarily unplug the connector.

Now you will need to pull off the PCB with the switches on it and rotate it 180 degrees. This will reverse all directions on the stick so now up is down, down is up, left is right, right is left.

Reconnect the white connector and put the restrictor back on. Now you will need to swap the quick disconnects on the buttons so that when you turn the stick around punches will be on top and kicks will be on bottom. You said you know how to do that so I think you will be ok.

As a side note there are actually many players who use a joystick on the right hand side. In Mexico and South America this is the standard on arcade machines. They have gotten so used to it that when they come to the US to play or use an arcade stick they play cross-handed.

Of course there’s Clothhand AKA Seth Killian. I asked him about this once and he said he started doing this back when he played Defender as a kid.

If I was your friend I’d just try to play crosshanded. Back in the day I’ve seen many people playing that way in the arcade. It’s worth a try and should be a lot less hassle than flipping PCBs upside down etc.

You happen to be right, I was thinking of the more ghetto “Flip the whole joystick upside down (without changing the PCB) and then turn the stick around so the cord faces you”

Your method is the more professional of the two.

That is what Orphen and I said.
And then do Button Configuration for the six Straight Buttons.

You know, looking at the Fight Stick Control panel I wonder if it is possible to rotate the entire thing?

It’s just a rectangle. This way you could preserve the start button positioning and the slant of the control panel.

With Custom sticks I think all we did was flip the plexi around. It depends what type of stick it is though.

Online Scrub, what type of stick do you have or are thinking about using for him?

nice detail.

Madcatz TE stick

I think he’s still a little ways away from picking up a stick. I really just was wondering about the feasability of flipping it all around. With all of the explanations in here; it sounds like not only was my idea completely doable, but there are even better ways that would even allow for the start button/wire to face the same direction. Sounds perfect.

Thanks everyone!