Legacy consoles on ps360+


any chance they would add snes, gamecube, saturn and other legacy consoles to the ps360+ pcb?


I do not think it is on there priority list.


darn! i was really hoping they would add gamecube so i can play GC and WII. thanks!


Mc cthulhu has game cube and snes support, can’t remember if Saturn was on the list.


the only thing is that i already have a ps360+. does the multi cthulhu support rj45? it thought it was usb only? also is it firmware upgradable?


Saturn is on the list of supported systems.

Wii through Gamecube controller support (Includes Smash Bros. Mode)
Original Xbox (Not 360 or XB1)
Sega Saturn
SNES/Super Famicom


Definitely the go to pcb for classic consoles.


You forgot

  • 3DO (cannot be part of any daisy-chain)



Afaik, PS360+ guys are working on Dreamcast VMU compatibility as well as possible PS4 functionality. I doubt that second one is going to come out anytime soon.


VMU compatibility is already in PS360+. PS4 works, they just need to test it more before they release it to the public.


Show me where?


There has been no mention of VMU compatibility in any firmware update so far.


I hope they fix the issues with PSX/PS2/PSN games running in PS3 when they release the new firmware.

A long time ago they show a “teaser” pic with a PS360+ with a VMU AND a Saturn cable… hope to see those coming soon too.



@Fearless‌ are you referring to the ps360+ not working with ps2 classics on ps3? if yes, theres a way to solve it. start the game, wait until it loads. unplug the usb cable and replug it. it should now registered.