Legacy of Kain : Dead Sun cancelled by Square Enix


Square Enix has cancelled a new Legacy of kain game called, “Legacy of kain : Dead Sun”. Apparently they feel that the game wouldn’t reach their sales expectations and canned it. The game was planned for current gen consoles as well as the PS4. The MP game, “Nosgoth” is still coming though. A lot of work was put into the game from what I’ve read at neogaf. I really enjoyed LOK: Defiance for its atmosphere and story, and I was wondering why hasn’t there been a LOK game since 2003.


Neogaf link. Scroll below. Interesting to see in the canned games in detail.


You niggas play Virtua Hampster?


S-E made the right call, it was never going to sell 800 million copies.


Man this are sad news, i would have bought it for both ps3 and ps4, but knowing how out of touch are their sell expectations its maybe for the good, perhaps with some time they will reflect and gain some common sense :shake:


Darn…I need more LOK in my life…tho without Amy Hennig penning it I dunno if it would be the same.


It’s probably for the best. They might end up ruining it.


I’ve only played the Soul Reaper games. I wouldn’t mind a new one, but ohs well. Can’t be upset about something you didn’t know about.

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I’d believe that if it weren’t for the fact that Eidos has stepped up to the plate as of late.


It’s Soul Reaver, just fyi.


The story for Soul Reaver was amazing but good god the games were buggy as fuck. A new Legacy of Kain game would never be able to reach S-E’s unrealistic sales targets.


Legacy of Kain: Blood Omen is my favorite in the series. Legendary action RPG.

Honestly, a new LoK game could do really well, especially if they advertise it towards gamers who’ve played the Souls games or something.


I think that is why they are still releasing Nosgoth


Yeah, but as an LoK fan, when has the series ever been about multiplayer?

We need that legendary voice acting, gameplay and storytelling goddamnit.


Voice acting was so good