Legal question about modifying controllers

Is it illegal to discuss joystick wiring methods on forums? Is it illegal to sell modifed system controllers?

^ wtf, serious?

yeah it is, we are all going to jail, and then after that its hell because god hates it when you buy and sell custom sticks.

Very illegal, it’s so bad I may get served with papers just for replying to this post.

pssh…tech talk is above the law.

Will get in trouble for letting people post things about modding controllers or is it just the person who post it? reson I ask is because ive heard about it being againist copyright laws but Ive still seen it in these forums for a long.

How does places like Arcade-in-a-box get away with selling arcade sticks made for ps2/ps3, xbox 360? do they have rights selling joysticks?

places like arcade in a box get away by running faster than the party van

Wow. Just, wow.

only if you live in Hawaii. :wasted:

sony and microsoft can pry my arcade stick FROM MY COLD DEAD HANDS!
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everyones got license to build/mod sticks.

you have to get yours. the fee is $10 plus you have to pass the test at your local dmv.

yes, yes it is.


the preceding 3 posts are win.

LOL @ Everyone here. Love the sarcasm! :lol:

Being serious now, Mugat, you aren’t reverse engineering anything in the controller, just soldering wires to it. You also aren’t adding anything to make it do something it’s not supposed to, or bypassing any security features (like a modchip). How can this be considered illegal? :confused:

If you went as far as totally dissecting every component on the pad to find out how it functioned and then used that to make a totally new PCB for your stick then yes, I’m sure that would be deemed illegal because you are stealing someone’s ideas and/or infringing on patents, etc. :sweat:

Speaking of Joystick Licenses, you guys can have my old one. I don’t need it now that I know how to counterfeit them.

^I don’t need it. I just got one exactly like that from

Don’t listen to Dreamcazman. What he’s saying might be true for Australia but U.S. Law EXPLICITLY forbids ANY modification to system controllers, name brand or otherwise. It used to be that you would just get a slap on the wrist if you were caught but since the whole war on terror they have really cracked down on it. But now that you know the risks, do like the rest of us and take a chance. How are they going to find out? Just make sure that after you have gutted the controller of it’s PCB to throw the controller shell in a big dumpster somewhere, NOT in your own trash…that’s how Paikforlife and Dreadedfist were caught. I’m pretty sure that if they post on SRK it violates their probation.

He lives in Hawaii, a volcano will do.

I’m posting this from jail. =(

Damn, that had me laughing my ass off over here.