Legal Theivery at its finest


If I go to walmart and purchase a tv in a box.
is walmart allowed to disable the remote and certian channels untill I made additional hidden payments? Are they allowed to say “You own the tv” “but it will not power on untill you make further payments”.

how is that any different than what capcom did.
They sold me a disc that was nothing more than share-ware limited demo product.
If your disc doesnt include the entire content of the disc. its share-ware.
if I had purchased sfxtek. and content on the disc was locked. soley for the purpose of charging me
additional fees to unlock them.

capcom even advertised characters, cody and guy specifically under the “SfxTek” title advertisement.

You cant put a picture of a 30 inch samsung television on a box.
charge someone in the store for said box.
then when they get home, tell them “you can not power on this tv untill you pay additional fees”.
you own the tv. we didnt say it will turn on.
even though our advertisement clearly showed a television that was powered on.


Game developers already get a free ride past the quality ‘satisfaction gaurenteed’ laws.
they can sh@# in the box and once you purchased it. no obligations, your @#$ out of luck.

If capcom thinks I will ever pay extra for trivial @#$ like BUFFS. they are mistaken.

im glad I didnt purchase sfXtek.
I rented it for 6 bucks. played it for a week, and wasnt too impressed to be honest.
that makes it all the easier to say “FU capcom” and refuse to purchase it.


Point of the thread.
How is it any different. to sell me a disc, then tell me the content on the disc I paid for wasnt included in the purchase cost.

how is that not illegal?
Capcom wont do that @#$ again, because it is illegal. they are lucky they got away with it without being sued.

They sold a disc and then told people “purchase not honored” “too bad suckers” "pay more for trivial @#$.


Wow…you are still bitching about this game.


He’s right though.


SRK needs a dislike button.


Ok I dislike SF x Tekken too but this is ridiculous. Stop complaining about it and do like the rest of the people who don’t like SF X T don’t play it. Simple right? I though all the bitching for this game (especially about this) was done and over with. Lets move on to something more important.


It sure does.
For posts like yours and any posts that imply that Capcom are anything more than crooks.


I love the endless analogies people come up with. lol


Isn’t this dude from Capcom Unity Boards? Ain’t this nigga featured in Scrubquotes too? :rofl:


This the same guy. I await for him to be feature again there soon


OMG I’m totally sick of this dude now…most of the shit he says is ridiculous and is wrong on top of that…uhhg…

Guess what buddy, Capcom isn’t the only publisher doing this, Remember Mass Effect 3?!? That game was far worse then SFxTK in therms of on disk content. This practice isn’t going anywhere if people are not aware of it. Guess what still the majority are unaware of it, SHIT HAPPENS.

If you don’t like how things are, don’t buy the games with disk locked content…and shut up about it.


A lot of whining is going around these days, especially concerning SFxT. Jesus Christ. This forum is not your own personal blog.


Uh… don’t cable companies do that? Are you getting HBO for free?


Guys, Troll Post is flamingly trolling. Stop feeding him. :coffee:


How can people care this much about something they paid $60 for?

Surely you have moved on by now.


It’s annoying to constantly see this BS…and I was venting out randomly.



Jesus Christ…another one? I thought there was an unspoken rule about shutting the fuck up on this topic. It’s old news already.


I’m in a bad mood so I’m going to vent on this subject.

First off, stop using analogies.
Construct your argument better because in no way is buying a video game the same as a sandwhich, a tv, a phone bill, a dinner, some socks, a toy, a dvd, a vcr, an ipod, a tivo, a pair of jeans, a bag of chips, some candy or anything.

Buying a video game is like buying a video game.

For the sake of fun, lets murder your analogy.

  1. when you a buy a t.v. you don’t get any channels because you have to buy an antenna or a digital box or cable or satellite.
  2. let’s say you buy cable or satellite… They give you a box which has about a bafillion channels but do you get all of them? NO! do you know why? because they’re locked.
    you pay for a package with certain channels.

But what about the free channels? yeah those are implied via the t.v. and everyone knows about them. Do you know how? because they are implied and everyone knows about them!

If it wasn’t for the internet you wouldn’t know about those extra characters.

Ask anyone of your friends that doesn’t follow this game if they know sakura and them will be in it because they probably don’t. props to you for finding the angry joe show, bravo sir!

Even then, most t.v.s need an antenna or a digital box(if you want a good picture). that’s about 15 dollars extra.

ok, now let’s look at the idea of buying the disk and “owning” everything that’s on it…
ehhhhhhh sorry but that’s not the case.(pun not intended)
When you walk into a video game store the company is selling you a game. Usually the game is on display with…A “DISPLAY BOX!” gasp
Said company isn’t selling you the disk, they’re selling you whatever is on display.
you the customer purchase the display and accept the legal ramifications of the sale.
they offered a product AND YOU BOUGHT IT!
The receipt is the contract and that’s that.
Now, let’s look at the display box shall we?

I have a ps3 version and on the back it CLEARLY STATES: "43 PLAYABLE CHARACTERS!!!"
that means their might be more characters but you’re purchasing 43 playable ones.

I’ll end it there and be happy because I cut out a lot of my rant.

I expect the responses to this to be something along these lines:

all of that is true but ummmmm its morally wrong! the ethics!

please don’t argue about morals and ethics when the only reason you know about this stuff is because some hacked the game; illegally I might add.


FYI it’s not illegal to “hack” the disc that you purchased.


But… but it looks so sad and… and hungry. :frowning: