legality rules for hitbox sticks


recently i started to use a smashbox as a hitbox stick for playing fighting games. The smashbox has a lot more buttons than a regular hitbox stick so i was thinking i would map both my c stick to up down left right and my analog to the same thing, essentially having 2 input sticks to help with inputs. I was wondering if having multiple extra buttons that do the same thing as other buttons could be illegal in any way?

Also i was wondering if there were certain socd rulings that I have to watch out for cuz i think i remember reading something about that as well


Check with your TO, since they make the final rules. I believe Smashbox is currently not allowed at most tournaments. Maybe your TO makes an exception. I’m a big fan of having people play on the same general class of hardware (joysticks / pads vs “button keyboards” such as hitbox/smashbox), but that’s just me.


I mean, it sounds like he’s not using it for Smash. It’s sadly totally not allowed with Smash. But if you’re not using buttons for macros in fighting games, and can prove your mapping, I doubt you’ll hear from TOs on it.


Arguably a hitbox and a stick have more in common than a stick and a pad.

Most major tournies allow Hitboxes tho, I’d be surprised if the smashbox wasn’t allowed for some reason, but definitely check with the TO to be sure.


Yeah, context matters here and only OP knows that. I checked various tournament rules: it does differ by game and tournament, so there’s no abstract perfect answer possible here.