Legalization Of Marijuana On The Ballot In California In November



Speak on it.


Getting ready to move if it passes


I hope im not the only one that finds someone with the Tag of Shortterm speaking out about MJ legalization extremely funny?


i will laugh if pot legalization passes and yet gay marriage is still illegal

but hope this passes, its a no brainer


cali desperately needs this, it would increase revenue and not prosecuting pot smokers would drop law enforcement costs.


tax money nuff said.


It will not matter since it is Federally illegal and cops can still arrest you if they want to be pricks about it.


I’d like for it to pass and the world not end, so we could get a good example of what legalizing a comparitively harmless drug does to society.

I thought Obama put an end to the raiding of dispensaries in Cali? But I guess once you get a new president who loves him some drug-wars…


They can and have still found ways around that. Until the Federal Government legalizes it, there is little anyone can really do.


There’s a case to be made that it should be legalized just so people will stop lying about it. “Medical marijuana” licenses are too easy to get, and 99% of them are bullshit anyway. Which is essentially people hiding behind the terminally ill as an excuse to be able to get high, which is, ironically, the best anti-legalization argument I’ve probably ever heard.

So while it wouldn’t address the root of that issue (people being unable to admit that they’re full of shit and/or have a weed problem), there’s a philosophical argument to be made that ethically there is a public good to at least having people acknowledge the basic reality of the situation by eliminating that [despicable] subterfuge.


Yeah, Feds can’t stop you right now, but as soon as somebody new comes in to office and strikes that mandate you’re screwed. And all that money you made is out the window and the raids start again. Best case scenario the state Gov taxes the shit out of you and makes some laws to make your life hard anyway.

It’s cool and all, and a lot of people here in CO are making bank right now, but there will be a backlash for all the places that legalize.


if you lived in CA, you would know that in practice it works differently. The police force only adheres to the city/state. There aren’t enough feds to come anywhere near close to being able to stop the current medical marijuana usage/industry, which is legal in CA but illegal federal. If it all becomes legal…what the fuck you think feds are going to do?


should make it even easier then it already is! it took me a 5 min conversation, my military medical record and telling the man my shoulder hurt (“Which was no BS by the way”) and I was out the door with my recommendation and buying an 1/8 at the nearest dispensary in like all of an hour.


If it’s going to get started anywhere, it’ll be in California. I have seen crazier shit happen.

This is the same state that voted Schwarzenegger as their governor.

Unfortunately I’m in the least likely state to pass that law. Arizona will fucking fight that shit tooth and nail. If we get lucky, Arpio would have a heart attack from releasing 50% of his prison population.

Which kinds of brings up a side question to the passing of this law. IF it gets legalized, what are the rights of the hundreds of thousands of convicts whose currently in jail for marijuana possession? And are they released or do they serve out their sentence?


I heard on my favorite, leftist, anti-government public radio station that dispensaries were still being raided, despite Obama claiming he was going to put a stop to it. This was as recent as last month I believe.


this is true, however when it happens it’s a rogue DEA agent who is violating obama’s order on the subject. (and it was in CO not CA).


Go for it California! If you manage to pass it we might be able to do the same here. Then we could make our largest industry legal and put a dent in crime at the same time!


I read an article the other day about how the Humbolt county “growers” were doing town hall meetings and even meeting up with the Humbolt DA saying how legalizing will “destroy” California’s biggest cash crop business. Jesus Christ that takes some balls getting indignant over losing a technically illegal profession.

Breaking the law is still breaking the law. I bet if this passes no one will get clemency. They might do early release on repeat users but no way dealers get any reduced time.


lol… wow their position is so much different from the first story i read about growers reactions to legalization in CA. maybe it’s just a different area, but my info was that they were pushing for taxes on weed because it would make legalization much easier… guess not.

and honestly those dudes in humbolt be stupid yo, legalization will only increase weeds potential as a cash crop, first off securing it would be much much easier. and then the limits on number of plants allowed would also not affect growers etc. the list really goes on for a while.


yes please legalize it and tax weed smokers. maybe that’ll stop the government from taxing the hell out everybody else. i mean sales taxes are like 9.25% over here, that’s outrageous.