Legend of the Five Rings storyline

L5R is a card game that has been around almost as long as Magic. There are lots of gameplay differences but the biggest difference overall is that L5R has this super elaborate storyline that’s been going for a decade. By now there have been hundreds of characters that have gotten story time, and probably over a thousand minor characters on various cards. So i’m just wondering if anyone here actually follows it?

homepage: http://www.l5r.com

Personally it’s been years since the last time i played the game but i still follow the story almost every week. The first major story arc was really good and a lot of the characters established in that storyline are still some of the all-time best. But lately there have been a few characters emerging as truly standout. Mostly i like the military samurai clans - the Lion and the Crab.

Honestly most of the characters in the Lion over the past few years have been disappointing - at least compared to the really buff characters in that setting. But recently i got to thinking about the former Lion Clan Champion, Matsu Nimuro, and realized that he’s easily one of my favorite characters of the entire storyline. So i did what i do and threw together a modest website …


Has all his appearances in cards and stories blah blah blah … but the most intersting thing is that i actually managed to get a couple of my favorite artists to do custom paintings of him. One of them was done by Andrew Hou, one of the former Udon artists who worked on the Street Fighter comic!

I don’t expect there to be too many L5R fans on SRK. Still, even if you don’t care about the story, samurai artwork is always cool right? Check it out and tell me what you think.

I’ve been involved with the game in one form or another since Imperial Edition (the very 1st).

I remember feeling actual *pride *when I heard about the ending of the Clan War story arc. It was so awesome that the Dark Phoenix Player got put out in the final 4 and the Lion / Crane championship game was worked into the outcome.

I was involved with development and playtesting sometime during the Hidden Emperor story line, right before all the broken Ring of Air/kiho recycling decks were destroying everything in sight.

I don’t play anymore. I still love the story and the characters, but I feel like my time in ‘the empire’ has long since past. The group of people I played with and who worked on the game and play testing all really cared about what happened with it. In someways I’m glad to see it still going. We really did think it was going to end after the Clan War story was finished. That is what we were told. However, since Jon Wicks death I always felt a little piece of the Empire died with him. In some ways I would have preferred knowing that the story had a kind of final resolve or peace to it.

Wait, John Wick died? When did that happen? I thought he just quit and moved on to another company.

I remember that the original plan was to end the whole thing after the first major story arc, but there was too much fan demand to let that happen. There’s way too much cool stuff in that world just to let it all die out and start over.

Well, this is easily the most fanboyish thing i’ve ever done. I actually made a CvS2 gameplay video starring various characters from L5R. Problem is, half of it is dialogue that only L5R players will get. The other half is fighting game stuff that only SRK will appreciate.

So the target audience for this thing ended up being very slim. But it was something interesting conceptually, so i just wanted to see if i could pull it off. If you wanna take a look, scroll down to the bottom of the aforementioned Nimuro page and find the blue “CvS2 Nimuro’s Wrath” link.

As far as editing goes, this is the most elaborate project i’ve ever attempted. In fact my main reason for going through with it was because i wanted to get better at editing. Still, i’m sure there will be a lot of ghetto/rough spots so apologies in advance.


Here is my short story…

I got burglarized two weeks ago. One of the things that was stolen was my collection of L5R cards. I had everything from the beginning of the game and it’s probably the only thing taken that has shaken me up.

If anyone has extra or non-wanted 1st or 2nd arc personality cards they are willing to part with or sell, I’d be very grateful.

PM me or something. Thanks!

First arc was Clan War and Time of the Void, second arc was Hidden Emperor, right? I haven’t played the game in years. I just follow the story and sometimes i buy cards for the hell of it, even though i never use 'em.

Which clans did you like most? I’m sure i can find some extras, just PM me your address.

Someone robbed you and stole your boxes of L5R cards?

…that’s fucked up.

I have some series 1 L5R cards. If I find them, I’ll let you know.

One of the rules of the contest to which this was submitted was that it has to be uploaded on youtube, so here’s the youtube link for those of you too lazy to download the 100MB WMV version: [media=youtube]9nbowLmayEo[/media]

Yea, no kidding.

They of course took all the electronics etc. But then took a whole Marvel Legends collection, 10 years of comics, my Magic cards and Five Rings cards.

Everything there was really replacable, except the Five Rings stuff. I mean, I had everything from the very beginning and was one of the people who made sure that people knew about the game and were playing it when it was on the verge of maybe not making it.

Thanks to all of you who made offers. The L5R community was always awesome.


Got a new illustration for my Nimuro website - Nimuro vs Psylocke vs Vega super mega battle of the century!

Psylocke is wearing a Shadaloo Doll outfit because that’s how Bison rolls. Plus this sort of thing happens to Psylocke every other week.

Check out what Ryan Dunlavey (the artist) has written on his website bio:

How awesome is that? The minute i saw that, i knew i had to ask him for a Nimuro illustration.

Nice drawing, thanks for sharing! :woot:

On a completely unrelated yet somewhat relevant note, i started posting elaborate screenshots of random fighting games:

Majestic Screenshot Gallery

There are a bunch of 'em from the Marvel series, so some of 'em look like comic book panels. Check it out cuz otherwise it’s gonna continue languishing in obscurity in the IMM forum, far away from FGD where it would have gone if image posting wasn’t disabled there.

Hella old thread but there’s been an L5R graphic novel called Death at Koten released since then. I’m kinda surprised no one’s brought it up.

Also i finally got around to chopping up a condensed gameplay-only remake of my Nimuro combo video / machinima … thing, in case anyone wants to watch the action segments only.

CvS2 Nimuro’s Wrath (Abridged)

The new background music is Haohmaru’s theme from the original Samurai Shodown.

Maj, I’m a Dragon and Mantis player…dude we have more common interests now :tup:
I;ve been only been playing since samurai edition

I also fell in love with the first edition of L5R (still own most of the books), but drifted as future editions came out. I’m excited that they are keeping with the “roll and keep” system, and that they creating a toolkit for more independent stories.

I wonder how the new system will differ from 1e, though. Everyone likes shiny new books, but money is tight. What will make me want to buy the new editions rather than pull out my old 1st edition books?

I can’t wait to find out in future diary entries!

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Been following the storyline for a while now since playing the game drew me into it.
Hope it continues since it’s getting interesting.

Scorpion player over here btw :slight_smile: waits for the tomatoes to be thrown

Just makes me sad that it takes so long between Nimuro updates. They know exactly how to tease me too. I can’t even remember how many times i’ve been baited into thinking he was gonna play a major role in something only to end up not getting mentioned whatsoever.

Well, it’s been thing long. I’m not gonna stop hoping now.

Was hoping for something Nimuro related also. He’s awesome.

Though I’m really curious as to what Mr.Paneki has in store for the Oni’s eye. Last I checked he’d sent someone to use it or something?

curse my clan for being a bunch of ninjas that hide everything

I just saw the leaked leaked Paneki card. To be honest i’m a little behind on the story so the full significance of it is over my head, but it seems like an interesting idea anyway.

I’m kinda sad that Nimuro hasn’t been mentioned once this entire time. What’s that supposed to mean? He’s busy doing minor stuff that doesn’t register on the relevance scale? He’s gotten incredibly lazy and unproductive in his old age? He’s trying to earn money to get his sword sharpened?

I don’t necessarily need a whole story dedicated to him every two months, but it would be nice to have a simple update every once in a while.