Legendary actor Omar Sharif dead at age 83


Personally, I’ve never watched any of these old films and couldn’t have told you who Omar Sharif is, but to hear the old folks talk, he walked on water in every scene. R.I.P. Take your place on Heaven’s Stage.



Lawrence of Arabia is a great film, you should check it out, they released a remaster a few years back. It’s aged very well and the restore is glorious. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a3tuBFHuYV4

RIP Omar Sharif

Omar Sharif was gdlk in every movie he was in. RIP.

Oh fuck. Another one from my childhood. He was one bad ass Egyptian actor. RIP.

Compated to actors nowadays all the old actors are legends. People grieved for Paul walker because of his other aspects, acting was not one of them.

may he R.I.P

Not even Top Secret?