Legendary character nerfs?


Something just came to me since I been following the USFIV/GGXrd location tests and reading reactions to character changes.

What games/characters have received some truly brutal nerfs over the years?

The one thats really strong in my mind is Talim from Soul Calibur 2 going into Soul Calibur 4. She was complete trash by this point, it was almost laughable that she was upper mid at one point and dead last if not next to dead last. For starters:

-damage reduction
-speed reduction (she’s a teenage 5 foot filipino)
-removed wind charmer 2
-reduced pushback on mid pokes
-increased cooldown on many attacks
-old launchers now only launch on CH
-lows can be guarded on reaction & unsafe
-AA/BB cant stance into wind charmer
-She HAS to do an attack after her “evasion” stance or else she will auto flip forward into her death

Yeah. Talim got roasted. Any other character get nerfd into oblivion like this poor girl?


Would Sent in vanilla MvC3 count? Considering that it seems that he was just scrub bait so Capcom could nerf something and win the scrubs over?


Do interactions with system changes count? Vsav Anakaris and MvC3 Storm are pale imitations of their former selves to the game systems.

Outside of that, Sean between 2I and 3S and Rachel Alucard between CT and CS fell really hard.


It was just a health nerf, it’s not like he would have been amazing with more health.


Other than the damage nerf and her inability to build meter while floating what else?

or is that all they needed for storm to get owned?

Marvel could have opened up a doorway of posibilities just be giving characters little special things that other characters dont have. I still miss vanilla assist call from SJ height


Makoto in BlazBlue went from being the best character in the game to being the worst. It’s hard to top that.


MVC2 Wolverine
Post patch MVC3 Sentinel
SF3 3rd Strike Sean
Tekken 6 Lei
SSF4 Gen (R.I.P. Heavy Hands MK Heavy Hands)


2k2UM Angel


DOA5U Rachel 2k stomp nerf.

Went from a character who it turns out wasn’t even that good to meh.


CS1 Rachel. From god tier to bottom tier.


Yeah Sean from Second Impact to 3rd Strike…Thats a fall from grace if there ever was one.


What was so good about 2nd impact Sean?


2nd Impact Sean was basically 3S Chun in Brazilian flavor and with better rushdown.


Shang Tsung and Reptile in MK1 to MK2


Yang Lee in SSFIV:AE

Top 3 to bottom 10. Only nerf worse in SF history is 2I Sean


Damage, footsies, hitconfirms, he had it all.


Don’t forget his cr.mp meter building of the gods.


hyper fighting bison


ST Claw to SF4 Claw. Especially Ultra, they’re actually nerfing him.


NOPE. You cant go from one series to another. Doesnt work that way, nice try though.