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Ryu can walk alone but Shadowloo is legion!!

Looking to level with fellow Bison players? Post your details here to pledge your allegience.

SRK Username: TheBirdLives
Steam/XBL/PSN: I’m on PSN mostly but play a bit on XBL. Handle on both is TheBirdLives
Location: Europe. UK. Cornwall.
Teams: Bison/Juri, Bison/Heihachi, Bison/Whoever - Work in progress but Bison’s a shoe-in
Anything you want to add: Street Fighter player since forever but competative SFIV Player in the last few years, been to a few tourneys with moderate success. The mechanics of SFxT just grabbed me by the bollocks and I plan on getting up to tourney standard on this as well.

What about you guys?


XBL: timemachineGO

no longer laudaum09 on xbl. this was back when min posted on SRK and Tony wasn’t a Supasta.

longtime poster at this point but still an 09er. OG SF4 Dictator SRK crew. hit me up always down for games.


SRK Username: Nastybisonuser
Steam/XBL/PSN: I’m on PSN mostly but play a bit on XBL. PSN: Ruthless_Brothaz
**Location:**USA Mississippi, Canton
Teams: Bison/Whoever
Anything you want to add: Struggling in tournaments but getting better been running with bison since sf4 sf x t is a very good game love the wall bounces, less wake up options and tick throws


SRK Username: Riptor One
PSN: Riptor_One
**Location:**Central Ohio, USA
Teams: currently Bison/Guile or Bison/Juri (still exploring other characters)
Anything you want to add: Been into the fighting game scene since first playing SF4 in late 2008, took bison as a main around mid 2009 and his been even since (no regrets). Play mostly solo or online, attended a couple tournaments but never actually competed in one yet. Been reading the SRK forums for a year and a half but rarely post, learned great things about improving my SF4 Bison here and hope to do same with SFXTK.


XBL: Shadoloodoll
Location: Texas, USA
Main Team: Bison/ Juri
Alt Team: Bison / Lili



SRK User name: QueenBBB
XBL: Lockeypoo
Location: Texas, USA
Teams: Bison/???, Kazuya/??? I’m really just still exploring.

I’m down for doing the online training mode so you can teach me stuff. I’m still pretty new to AE and of course this game.


Don’t have the game yet but…
SRK: Spiosaurus
XBL Gamertag: BlueSpinosaurus
Location: Ireland
Teams: Gonna be using Bison/Heihachi, Bison/Steve and Rolento/Kazuya.
Anything you want to add: I’m a 2011’er, started with MvC3. Yep yep. I’m a pretty fast learner though, and been using Bison ever since I got SSF4 last year.


SRK Username: SpiderCrawl
Steam/XBL/PSN: Nefarious Al on XBL
Location: NorCal
Teams: Bison/Kazuya, Kazuya/King, & Cammy/Lili

I’m always down for games.


**SRK username: **jpchato
**PSN: **jpchato
**Location: **SoCal (Compton)
**Team: **Nina(point)/Bison(anchor)

I’m always looking for stiff competition. Come at me, bros.


PSN: delusional11
**Location: **Australia
**Team: **Guile/Bison, Hwoarang interchangeable

How do you access online training mode? I read about it in a review but I haven’t touched that part of the game yet. Also, I heard it was possible to be in training mode, then accept an online match challenge, like an arcade mode request. If that’s true, how you access it?


PSN: UnD34DZealot
Location: Japan
Team: Bison/Hugo, Bison/Juri
Anything you wanna add?: I’ve been in the FGC since 2003. Was a DOA player, now a Tekken player. Placed top 5 in multiple DOA nationals. Placed top 3 in Tekken locals in the southern Virginia area. Just moved to Japan. Picked up SFIV:2012 as my first real 2D game a couple months ago and main Cody. He’s still my favorite character and when he comes out he’ll probably be my point character with Bison and Guy as secondaries, but I’d never played a charge character before which made me not wanna play Bison in IV. I really dig him in this game though, and the execution is pretty simple so charging doesn’t seem to be much of a problem. I could definitely use some help from more experienced Bison players, but I doubt our connection will be good unless you live near Japan.


SpeGase Top 5 in the world … from the end … :smiley:


yeah thats exactly how it works

when you’re in the selection where you want to find a game you can invite a partner from your friends list (or find a random one) and from there go into the briefing room for online training or tag team in some matches. I haven’t touched scramble mode yet.


SRK Username: KB24Gold
Steam/XBL/PSN: KB24Gold (Usually on in the afternoon or evenings)
Location: Long Island NY (Border Queens green acres mall)
Teams: Bison/Guile Bison/Ryu Bison/Akuma (Still experimenting and looking for a official team)

Anyone up for some matches to practice and have fun add me. I’m fairly competitive. Looking to get better as well but down to have fun while doing so. ****


Anyone in the East Bay Area? Maybe SF or a little bit south-east like Hayward?

Hit me up on XBL for some matches, looking for local SRK folk with good connections for some Endless Battles.

XBL: timemachineGO


I’m in the east bay. Go A’s unless they move then fuck em.
Playing through Mass Effect 3 right now so I probably wont be on SFxT for a few days.
I’ll be on more and more as NCR approaches though.


SRK Username: crimsonARIA
Steam/XBL/PSN: crimsonARIA (XBL)
Location: Chino Hills (near LA), CA
Teams: Bison (Juri’s my sub) / Kazuya

'09 Bison player. Frequent lurker. Occasional poster. I’ve played fighting games casually since '08. I used to button mash SF II: Turbo Revival, GG1 & X2AC, XvsSF, Alpha series, and MvC1-2. I began to learn how to play 3S and SF4 in 08 and picked up Bison in '09. I play at some tournaments at my school and at Super Arcade whenever I get the chance to. I don’t play online as much (mainly because I’m busy with school, plus playing with your scene is so much more fun) but feel free to hit me up if

Oh, and if there’s some decent-looking female Dictator players out there nearby in CA, feel free to contact me. I would love to poke the shit out of you… with my st.MK of course. jkjk.


Psn: tru_kaos
bison/Bob, Bob/sagat, Bob/Rufus, bison/sagat, still exploring

Located in north east Pennsylvania


SRK Username: f1ngers 0f fury
Location: MIchigan/Ohio
Teams: Bison/Ryu, Bison/Rolento


SRK Username: it should be obvious.
Steam/XBL/PSN: SunNights1
Location: Cali L.A.
Teams: M.Bison/Kazuya