Legendary Rap Battle


“ELI reminds me of a young jay in his prime”

  • GNARMYroly, Youtube

Damn this shit keeps getn posted…and yet i cant stop laughing at that homo judging table :rofl: fruit loop ass niggas

dey got dat thuggin love.

LOL It’s such creepy shit. The dude sitting down never even hesitates.


and remember to cop dat Eli mixtape: http://www.zshare.net/audio/10402092ac9d49e4/
He doing it big in 08 fo sho. desert storm, bad boy, ca$h money, def jam, da row, so so def, no limit they all tryin to get at dis cat.

where can I buy his album?

I actually had that on loop for a couple of hours today… seriously

Monte…is that really an album??:rofl::rofl:

im considerind Dling it if its real

nah I just did an audio rip of eli’s rap in the vid :rofl:
but check this out, I got dat premium Eli av.
cop it!

I thought Eli was a crackhead at first.

I kinda feel bad for :rofl:
but i cant help it

also be sure to cop dat

av while you’re at it


man I’m convinced that Eli is an idiot savant. That is the only kind of mind that could come up with, Rosie O’Donnell at a bisexual bridal shower.

ima stop lookin in this thread…its too fuckin funny

:u: but I got one mo’:


This is like the black version of star wars kid.

wow this thread had a lot more lolz and cool stuff in it…imma cop that mixtape for sure!

and yeah marv-o = hom-o

eli: im the best mayyyne…i did it…=O…=o…<_<…O_O…

Eli is great because there’s a 90% chance someone will poop their pants in a rap battle.