Legendary Video: Skater vs Wangster


Yoooooo that shit was crazy, never pull that shit if you aint gonna use it. Lmao nigga got fucked up at the end though. Most people choke up when they see a gun though lol.

What? A video thread?
What?? A skate boarding thread?


Legend has it you posted this in the wrong forum.

I can’t believe they got off of him so early. I would break his arms, then legs, then his face.

Haha I cant believe that kid grabbed the gun and put it against his own head. And when he saw that kid wasnt doing shit he fucked his ass up. I wish I could see what happened after that though.

Trucks to the back of the head.

Shit’s gotta hurt.

Good video.

I thought that would happen too. When I heard “fuck him up” I figured it was over for the dude. The way he was holding it, you could tell he was soft. Got what he deserved.

i thought he got it pretty easy. They barely hit him with their boards.

I wonder what happened a week or two later.

If that kid was that much of a lil punk to pull a gun out that easy for no reason(for as far as i could tell) than im sure he is enough of a lil bitch to come back with 20 friends.

I own a handgun. Sometimes i have it with me (don’t mean i walk around with a loaded .45 in my pants…i mean it may be in my car if i am going to the range or w/e) and i would NEVER pull it out unless i planned on pulling the trigger.

Then again i wouldn’t pull it out for no reason either.