Legion-X: COTS (indie FG)

LEGION-X: COTS is a indie fighting game I’ve been working on for the past 2 months along side my other projects. At the moment, I haven’t fully green-lit, due to funding. Nevertheless, I just wanted to share some info, progress, plans, and challenges during it’s development, with the community, in it’s early alpha stages.

The heroes of SkitRow universe are arriving onto the fighting ground, ready to do battle and with each other. In Legion-X, you get classic fast-paced, over-the-top fighting action, but now featured with upgraded HD visuals, customizable appearances, online play, ground-breaking effects, and a dynamic system that earns points for unlockable goodies. Fight like a hero, play like a legend!



Character Assist

Okay, to make it short and sweet, I wanted to try something a little different as far as character assist. Notice, the 2 TV’s underneath the super meter. Each time a player calls their assist, the TV screen will become static for a couple of seconds, which means you won’t be able assist in-till the static screen clears. But, it doesn’t stop there. You will be able to call your secondary assist character either before, after, or at the same time, making combos and setups even more dynamic. That’s just the tip of the iceberg as far as assist are concerned, but at the moment I’m choosing to not mention the rest of the goodies/features the assist mode actually possessed, since the game is fully greenlit.

Things to note:
I’m using UFE 1x (Version 1.8.6). This current version I’m using will “NOT” be used in the final product, I’ll go more into detail about that later. That being said, I went ahead coded this feature in, that way whenever I’m able to get my heads on UFE 2.0, it will make future development less of a headache for this feature. (Note: Version 2.1.0, has it’s own way to summon assist), which is nice, because I’ll have a blueprint to go by, which should transfer over everything nicely, it will also keep the assist mode working the way currently do as of now, along with the other goodies it will have to offer.

DEMO: Things to look out for (Assist)
Assist can be hit by specials & other assist, but not normal attacks. This is not really a bug, to be honest with you, I just felt it’s a unnecessary “Fix”, since UFE 2.0 has it’s own solution for it, which is pretty nice, that should hopefully save a lot time. Super grateful for that. :slight_smile:

Flying Screen
Flying screen is added to the game. This means, if more then 1 hard and/or fierce normal attack is connected within a combo on opponent, “off the ground”, this mechanic will become active. During flying screen: certain moves won’t be active, like in the older vs games. Once the opponent recovers, flying screen will deactivate itself. This won’t be for “all” cases though, but will be for most cases, as you can see in gif image.

Also, just something small to point out, if the opponent is being hit, their icon in the top left/right corner will change that character’s expression.


(Will upload gif as soon as I can, it’s in the trailer though) :slight_smile:
Super Jump Cancels
This mechanic is known to be in the classic vs style games. In order to sj cancel, you will perform a normal attack that hits opponent,depending on the frame of animation, the player can cancel into a superjump and perform whatever action they wish to perform.


As stated before I won’t be using the current version UFE 1x, because it’s outdated and lacks many important features. Honestly, don’t want to go into this project half-assed. Plus, having to go back and unnecessarily patch a different version of UFE and/or unity, would’nt be worth it :frowning:, That being said, here are some of the beneficial highlights of the latest version of UFE 2.0.

Compatible with the latest version of unity 2018. (Release notes)

  • Online - Rollback netcode, now supports UNet and [Photon], * Code is now deterministic and supports [rollback] as Network services
  • Added support for [diagonal inputs]
  • Added support for [alternative inputs]
  • New option added to Bounce and Hit Effects: Stick to Character
  • New option added to Hit Effects: Mirror on P2 Side
  • Removed deprecated network libraries
  • All files reorganized into better folder structures
  • No more warnings: Code and templates cleaned and refactored
  • All character prefabs and movesets moved to the resource folder
  • Removed fade-out from Loading Screen (making ‘loading…’ visible during actual loading)
  • Projectiles now have controlled force in different states
  • Added option to disable Network options completely
  • Added Apply Different Air Force , Reset Horizontal Force and Reset Vertical Force to projectiles
  • Added support for trade hits and double K.O.
  • Added Apply Different Block Force to both regular hits and projectiles
  • Added new option under MapRecorder: Bake Game Speed (Toggle to record the frames based on the game speed value set under UFE → Advanced Options → Game Speed)
  • Added individual shake density values for camera and character under Global → hit effects and Move Editor → override hit effects
  • Move sequence and execution system reviewed and optimized
  • Increased amount of possible custom animations for Hit Reactions (from 3 to 9)
  • Added new option to Move → Projectiles: Destroy On Camera Bounds
  • Added new option to Move → Projectiles: Apply Gravity (usage example under Robot Kyle’s fireballs)
  • Added updates to Rewired system and support for second player controller
  • ( Standard+ ) Character Assists: Summon a character any moment in battle to cast a move. Character can be hit along with caster as well as hit with caster to create even larger combos. Multiple characters can be summoned at once, and even do cinematic moves. This feature will receive several expansions in the upcoming months and is the predecessor to tag team functionality.
  • Multi-gauge support: You can have as many power gauges you like. You can also decide which frame should the “meter gain on cast” and gauge drain should start.
  • Stages can now be loaded as individual scenes


Last but not least, once the demo is live, I will be adding another character to the roster. Sometime this week hopefully, I’ll do my best to post gif images of the character. As for pepper, one more thing I forgot to mention, some of her moves more then likely will change or be revamped. So, nothing is final. Which is good for the moment, because Legion-X:COTS is still in it’s early alpha stages. Really eager to have the wiggle room for the time being, in hoping for some helpful feedback Crossing Fingers :). Right now I’m experimenting with her style of play, so no rush :). The next character, not some much, her move-set will should be fully flushed out.

Anyways, will try to post as many updates asap. For those who might be interested, thanks for your time and shout-out to Mastermind, the developer of UFE, which is an awesome engine, still playing around with it, till this day. :slight_smile:



Neat. Lets see where this goes.

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You have a very striking character design in this initial preview. Even though this type of fighting is not my favorite, you have peaked my curiosity. I look forward to more information.

P.S. While UFE provides a good base engine with tailored features, it might be worth looking into Unreal Engine 4 or Unity 3D if you want to have access to a super set for further tweaks.

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Thanks guys.

NeverYouMind: I’m using Unity3D. UFE is more of a middle-ware engine, it has about 4 versions, one of which, UFE(Source), which is what I’ll be developing in. This version gives me access to the source code. Thanks for your feedback.

Trying to push the demo out sometime this week, so everyone can play around with it. hope you guys like. :slight_smile:


Cool. Looking forward to it.

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