Legit anti-pheonix strat or once in a life time glitch

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During UCI yesterday, Phoenix died from chip damage and wasn’t able to transform. From the video, it looks like c.lk and the fireball hit her at the same time and she just died even though the 5 meters were drained.

My guess is that she can’t transform if you put her into blockstun with a normal and chip her to death with a projectile at the same time that is if she doesn’t push block, just a guess though.

That seems like what happened. Would be curious as to how easily replicated this is.

Interesting. Never seen that before, thanks for showing. I wouldn’t have a better guess then you about it, but this seems highly unpractical, and I doubt could be replicated in a match again.

Been trying to replicate it for the last 15 minutes, even doing the exact same combo and fireball setup and it hasn’t happened again once

I think Huey must’ve done something to make that scenario play out differently than usual, nothing adds up. It doesn’t even look like the cLK and the fireball hit at the same time.


After a few thousand games of Phoenix, I’ve had that happen to me less than 10 times total. I’ve killed a lot of time trying to replicate it and isolate why it happens and I can’t. As near as I can figure, it’s just a glitch. The game reads her as dying, takes the meter, forgets to resurrect her, notices her dying again, checks for 5 meters, sees none and lets her die.

–Jay Snyder

I wonder if this is something that’s more likely to happen online as it seems like the sort of thing that a minor amount of lag could influence. Definitely a head desk moment either way.

Looks like someone needs to light the Desk signal.

I’m surprised not more people ate trying to replicate this with all the phx hate… I’ve been trying but honestly I don’t know What I’m looking for when I do it. Is it the fireball that does it ? Chip?

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Something similar happened at the MAT tourny from earlier this month.

I think it’s the same thing as this: http://iplaywinner.com/news/2011/6/17/mvc3-inescapable-ultimate-web-throw-on-dark-phoenix.html

If you can get her after she dies but before she transforms and gets life, she dies.

That looks like something else entirely, like the transformation puts her into a quick airborne state where she can be web thrown.

No, she starts in the air already.

She’s killed in the air
Xfactor for the cancel properties
Not enough time for her to escpae
Does enough damage to OHK her

those are some crazy examples. I’ve never seen that happen before.

Speaking of phoenix death, the new vid of spiderman killing her seems to be incomplete. In Marvel 2, you could escape one of sentinel’s unblockable setups by tagging. Couldn’t you x factor -> dhc frame kill or x factor -> tag to escape the dark phoenix death?

She’s in the air when it happens, so you can’t xfactor or tag.

You could still super -> framekill into another super.

Listen carefully, and you can hear the transformation begin; it makes that weird “Cheeeoo” sounds that happens right before the explosion sound when she resurrects.

This sounds more likely to me. The game probably does a quick “recharge” of her health as she transforms, rather than instantly granting her full health. Richard somehow managed to inflict damage to phoenix soon after this “recharge” began, inflicting more damage than the “recharge” had managed to restore by that time, and thus killing her a second time over.

If this is the case, then it suggests one of two things, at least that come to my mind at this moment:

  1. There is a small window of time - likely a single frame, maybe two - during which this “recharge” is occurring and the cinematic has not begun yet, or,

  2. There is some sort of game mechanic - perhaps a buffering system for damage infliction which spreads damage inflicted by multiple hitboxes during the same frame into multiple frames - which caused damage inflicted immediately before the transformation to be moved ahead to frames during the recharge.

Either way, this could very well lead into an effective - though more than likely extremely difficult and situational - DP counter strategy. It’s likely have a lot to do with timing assists and the such, similar to using high/low assists to make unblockable hits (though it would likely be much more difficult and harder to set up).

I don’t know what you’re trying to say. I think you are forgetting Phoenix drains all 5 meter so you can’t do any super after transformation…

You’re right, I thought it was the same glitch in the spiderman vid, but Ultimate Web Throw actually does 300,000 unblockable, so in X-Factor it OHK’s her.