"Legit" Rage Quitters? [Serious Discussion]

Hey all,

Not sure if this has been brought up already or not (did a search).
I didn’t wanna bring this up in The Rage Quitting thread either, since that looks like a video evidence thread and this discussion would get lost in there.

Let me state; I have never rage quit and don’t plan on ever doing it but the question has to be asked:

Is it acceptable to quit in round 1 if the SF V server lags/poor netcode? i.e. opposition is teleporting/frame skipping/DBZ blink style whatever you wanna call it, throughout the fight?
What about if round 1 is ok, but suddenly round 2 or 3, gets worse and suffers from the above?

I don’t know if this has been brought up or not, but it’s a legit reason to not continue with the fight > why would you, it’s clearly not a fair fight (on your side) but on the opponents side his connection may be fine > hence the title it looks like a “legit rage quitter” but Capcom has started naming and shaming (possibly worse punishments later) for ALL rage quitters?

Don’t get me wrong > actual rage quitters with (insert stupidly high win streak here) who just quit to maintain their LP and win streak should be punished, but what about those who suffer from the above?

I’ve stopped playing ranked until SF V fix the damn netcode/server/lag issues & haven’t played ranked in probably over a week;
Instead, I’m spending the time in the lab > enjoying it too.

I’m on PS4, with Fibre super fast DL, UL and low ping > yet from time to time, the above issue is present with 5* connection fights.


There was one who quit on me after the first round. I did put the video up as a “ragequit” but the guy later reached out to me and
said that he quit the first round because the connection wasn’t all that good. I took the video down afterwards.

I say give the people who quit round 1 a pass.

An example of a legit rage quit, I wouldn’t even call that rage, just a legit quit I guess; but good on you taking the video down.

But what would’ve happened if it didn’t appear until latter rounds? (with evidence).

Also, how many people would actually go back and take down the video.

I’m not a fan of Capcom’s approach of throwing the book at everyone who “rage quits”.

Various issues with this approach; for example, would Capcom even undo their punishment, after you had taken the video down?

Stopped reading here.
No, it’s not acceptable. A laggy match happens to everyone. Just suck it up and play

I’d agree. First Round RQ’s should be plausible. But you never know. Some people might just Rage early just because they know they can’t beat someone. It kind of a shitty situation either way.

^ this x1000

If you’re gonna leave, then leave, don’t test the waters and see if you can win…then quit when you lose the round because it was lagging. That’s a LTG move.

It doesn’t take long to tell if the game has a shit connection. If it does, leave if you’re gonna leave. No one’s gonna freak out because you left 7 seconds into round 1 before much has even happened.

If problems show up later in round 2, just tough it out, you’ll live. If you lose you lose. No one cares about your low end silver tag anyway.

So it seems as though there’s a grey area where it’s somewhat acceptable by some if you leave within the first round due to lag, but not by all.

Although nothing definite has been provided by Capcom as to what is acceptable and not, so I guess this grey area won’t always apply.

Yh I agree with the toughing it out in latter rounds, just hope most people agree with that too.

So I guess it’s an unwritten rule that if you quit after 1st round, regardless of connection, you’re rage quitting? < good to know, for when people wanna report the rage quitters; provided they have proof and the other person does of their connection.

Would be ideal if Capcom had their own official way of moderating all this, but currently it’s down to us; unless that’s changed?

If you’re not habitually quitting when you’re losing, don’t worry about it.

Is it rage quit when I leave when winning? I had the first round, dude got stunned about 9 times so I just said fuck it, the game is going in reverse.


i left a match yesterday the moment i have seen the name of the person i play against.

i had a match with said person earlier in which he warped around
like shit even with 5 bars shown up so i quit before the match even started.

capcom really should show the name in the window where they show the bars.

Play it through
It sucks sometimes
If there’s a match I absolutely can’t play, I still try or just keep walking forward to let them win to get it over with fast which take like 10 seconds
I’ll earn it back in the next game

LOL @ Capcom getting everyone discussing ethics with their crap online service.

I think its acceptable to do this, but at the same time its a bit lame. People shouldnt care about their win streaks and rankings as much as they do. If we all took it less seriously there would be no rage quitting to begin with.

As for the name in the bars, would you really remember every name of every bad connection?

My suggestion to all this, have a 30 second “pre” fight i.e. a round where you both fight & test the connections. At the end of this, you’ll be asked whether you want to proceed with the fight or leave, it actually doesn’t count towards the match result at all.

Simple solution in my opinion, although it lengthens the matches, but is there a better way right now?

You know the games got some issues when it punishes the 1 with the good connection the most :angry:

I like your positive attitude, but when you run into a lot in 1 session - it kinda puts you off and tests your willingness to continue, even if I did somehow manage to win them matches.

I get what you’re saying, people shouldn’t care about streaks and rankings but it goes beyond that. I don’t want to get into the whole I paid $x amount for this game therefore I expected XYZ product; but that is part of it.

My look at the game; I just want to be able to enjoy some GGs and learn from both genuine wins/losses so that eventually I get better and try my luck against the bigger “fish”; you can’t really do that in a teleporting match > there’s a separate DBZ game for that.


i remembered that person so yeah, i think after some time you can filter at least some people out.
i would not want to wait another 30 seconds before a match start every time.
the loading/waiting times are already way to long.

I definitely would. I actually have a list of rage quitters and shitty experience people in my phone. But I can usually remember soon as I see the name/character.

Also, I’m against that pre fight/ button check/ lag test phase. If should just have accurate pings. Screenshot of the persons need to knows would be nice. (Name, Rank, Region, Connection). That would probably also help the super higher ups able to hopefully just fight other high rank people so its worth it for both parties.

having names with bars also allows you to cherry pick as well

I set my connection to "5 Only"
I get about 1-2 laggy matches out of 20

I can live with that.

The best Ragewins are when you like hood perfect someone round 1, then round 2 dizzy them…and just quit.

“I don’t want your LPs, I’m better than those”