Legitimacy of L+M+H Buttons on stick

I always thought 3p/3k/L+M+H button mappings were illegal in tournaments along with turbo. With exception to pad users because it’s awkward to do 3p/3k/l+m+h on them (by the way, I even think L+M+H should be banned following that logic because it’s not needed in MvC3 because hypers activate with 2 of them, not 3, and 2 isn’t unreasonable to hit on pad). Also, many arcade sticks just have 6 buttons on the front panel, making reaching for these buttons impossible/ extremely awkward depending on the stick.

But then Today I saw the “plink dashing technique” using the L+M+H Button, I think we’re walking down a slippery slope here…

What does everyone think of these “macro” button mappings (3p/3k/L+M+H/a1+a2)for people on arcade sticks…?

I also recall an issue with banning hitboxes which don’t treat opposing directionals properly. and enforceability was an issue. I think “macro” buttons are enforcable just take a look at the button mappings.

Now I know execution is a barrier to new players joining, but seriously, there is SOME execution requirement in the nature of these fighting games. that’s why “real” macro controllers are actually banned. eg. 1 button shoryuken. And IMO, these buttons fall under that category…

The rule has always been, that you are allowed to use any macros pre-programmed into the game. 3P and 3K, or any of the button combo’s that marvel uses have always been fair play.

If a game were to come along that let you macro, say, combos, that would just be a bad game in general, so I really don’t see a “slippery slope” issue.


OP: I don’t see how setting multiple-button macros can be comparable to blocking in two directions at once. One totally nullifies mixups. The other just lets hypers be done with a motion and one button instead of a motion and two.

I see no issue.

did someone with an l+m+h button whip on you today

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