Legitimate Q video?

I’m watching/performing Q combos and I am skeptical if these work. Can someone confirm if this video is possible?

Notice the 55 seconds through 1 minute 7 seconds footage. I tried this combo and it did not work at all.


KYSG 3S combos were done via programming the commands into the controller, hence the perfect timing and setups.

Regarding the combo you’re referring to, he seems to have karacancelled into SA2. Well that’s the best explanation I could think of…

You could probably get more info in the combo video thread.

I see, by programming you mean doing a special attack ( ex. holding back, toward + punch) with a touch of a button.

No wonder the Ken, Gouki, Ryu volume videos by them look devestating.


I was thinking more like multi-macro’d controllers…

what part of the combo didn’t work at all? because you need to do it all pretty specific to get it to work, the timing is probably tight enough that it’s all but impossible by hand. But it’s still legitimate within the system.

Just to be sure, are any of these kysg volumes even possible to do in the CPS3 arcade?

they should all be possible in the arcade rev.A as far as I know. I’ve gotten some of those to work with some patience on the PS2 which is pretty close to Rev. A

Technically, yes. But one would have to have superhuman hand speed and perfect timing in order to pull them off.

Okay, you know when Q is facing Chun li at the corner in that video, I do the capture death blow, now when I jab punch while the opponent is mid air, the EX dash punch does not come out, I tried this in different timings in early and late cancel, it did not come out.

Revision A? How many revisions are they?:confused:

Two revisions as far as I know, or at least to widely known about revisions. A and B, b changed some stuff took out unblockables, other random things, it’s like what the dreamcast version is, sorta.

As for the second part, there is no ex dash punch, he does, UOH, jab dash punch (hold Jab for the overhead version) UOH, cr.FP. Then he does Capture Deadly Blow, looks like the Jab dash punch (again hold for the overhead version) standing RH, link super. The last part should be the tough part as I’m sure that link isn’t easy.

The most important thing about this combo is probably using the correct capture and deadly blow for the specific parts as depending ont he strength used for the grab the character falls differently, what the exact difference I don’t know I think it’s a combination of Q’s recovery time and how High\far he knocks them. Umm I hope this helps.

You don’t say…


My mistake, it is the overhead dash punch. So far I did a variation of this combo pulling 5 juggle hits, but the opponent has to be stunned in order for it to work otherwise that opponent would recover from the air.

By the way, I own the xbox version, what revision is it? Also, what difference is there concerning between the ps2 and xbox versions (aside from the fact xbox version runs slightly faster than ps2 and arcade, correct me if I’m wrong) in the gameplay aspect compared to Rev. A arcade?

Thx for the previous responses

Yeah exactly, they have to be stunned that is completely important! also Xbox and ps2 pretty much the same, I haven’t heard of a noticeable speed difference. And they are about as close to arcade perfect as you are going to see. There are some very specific situational stuff, that I’ve seen but it’s all kind of random, and has too do mostly with unblockables breaking the guard a little later, nothing serious. As far as I know you should be okay on xbox for arcade, you know as long as you get yourself a stick.

Oh and the juggle limit is 6, some moves add more or less than 1 to the juggle counter or just reset it all toeghther.

Thx a lot man. Speaking of sticks, I’m desperately looking for a custom built with happ competition joystick and happ buttons. For now, I’m stuck with the Saturn pad/magic box on xbox.