Lego Joysticks ....:O


looks good how long did that take?

That is one of the coolest sticks I’ve seen in a while. Nice job!

Cool beans

Now that was pretty damn awesome. :tup:
I think the little lego guys inside give it life.

All I can say is WOW!

I think i might copy that…I dont know how to work with wood :frowning:

Check the arcade stick thread, Gummowned did one a while ago completely made of legos, buttons and balltop too :rofl:

haha the theme song is from RO? nice

YO! Was that this stick?!

Did you glue the sides or anything? I guess breaking wouldn’t be a big deal though… just put it back together! lol

thats fucking sick

ahh! i was thinking last week in making one of these u beat me to it. amazing stuff.

what did u do to the plexi to hold up?

Both are super intense

Cleanest stick in the world goes to, LEGO STICK!

you guys can contact the fella who made it:P .


Wow thats very nice. One of the most creative stick designs i have ever seen.

Wow that’s super cool looking.

Next stick to be made out of: K’Nex… and MegaBloks. Styrofoam, Toothpicks and Marshmellows. I had ideas of making the stick box from Mirrors one time… too bad I aint got experience cutting glass.

This is inspiring… I’m going to try and build a box for what will be the stick’s case and post a pic tomorrow. won’t be stick building anytime soon.