LEGO Marvel vs. Capcom


This was my and two others’ final project in 3D Modeling and Animation I at Seminole State College of Florida. Made over a few weeks, using Maya 2008, Photoshop CS4, Illustrator CS4.


Jose Garcia - Modeling, Texturing

Pablo Florentino Gonzalez - Texturing, Conceptual Artist, Photoshop Special Effects

Nathan Hunnicutt [Me] - Environments, Compositing, Rendering, Creative Director


nice work.


I think the poses for each lego dude shouldve been more dynamic. Overall smooth idea


youve been featured on eventscrubs


Dude, this shit is awesome. Lego Deadpool ftw


Minifig’s torsos aren’t nearly that long.


would <3 to see some new characters!


Makes you wonder though why there hasn’t been a “LEGO Street Fighter” or a “LEGO vs. Capcom.”


That is freakin awesome! I love LEGO’s! lol