Legs thread. Type-R


Since the last thread got closed and since I found some crazy pics, I thought it could be time for another legs thread?:sweat::sweat:




my reaction : http://img130.imageshack.us/img130/1651/sweetjesusbooty.jpg


#3. 1 and 2 look like she’s shooting 'roids straight to the hips.



What her name?


Her structure reminds me of this.



Steroid hip girl does have a nice face though.


Is that photoshopped?


This is what I’m talkin about.


not sure if want


:rofl: dammmnnnn


At least she’s not this lady.


She’s been posted before, but, GOD DAMN!



is scared of rib crush death - but still want


Sooo am I supposed to be turned on by the thighs? My penis doesn’t look/feel too impressed. :wonder:

Do I have problems?


The legs on these women are nice. For some it may be a bit overboard but I can appreciate hard work and/or Photoshop.

Plus their faces are pretty too. I’d romance those faces.


Speechless WOW:clapdos:


It’s a real life SF4 Chun Li! :rofl:


I’m pretty confused myself.


I was hoping this thread was about legos, and possible full sized automobiles made out of them, and that the title was just a typo

the freakish legs contained herein disappoint on so many levels…


Legs are so underrated. Good thread.